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All Azure Partners Are Not Created Equally. World’S Leading Enterprises And Emerging Companies Choose Systech For Azure Services For Our Unique Approach To Architecting Solutions, Quickest Delivery And Seamless Scalability..
  • Deep Azure expertise with certified resources in cloud, data, analytics, AI/ML.
  • We help businesses efficiently manage fragmented data in a hybrid environment.
  • Our customers save 40-50% in time and costs by leveraging best-of-class Systech utilities.
  • Small cross-functional teams delivering big outcomes.
  • 2X faster to value with 99% success rate.
  • Dramatically scale usage of Azure – approximately 100X in one year.
  • Competitive and transparent pricing in sync with Azure sales methodology.
Building Future Solutions: Systech’s Strategic Partnership with Microsoft Azure Drives Accelerated Cloud Transformation Read More

Some of our AZURE practice customers

I want to share my heartfelt thank you to your team for such a stellar job on both the projects. Their commitment, dedication and quality of work delivered is par excellence, I have not had such a delight working with any other partners so far, so a huge thank you to this awesome team.

Diageo | Sunitha Mannatil

We recommend Systech for their expertise in the space of Data Integration, Data Visualization, Cloud to cloud Data Integration & for their customer centric approach to meet business demand in stipulated time

CNH Industrial | Paroj Ray

Case Studies

Our Azure Competencies and Service Delivery

Azure Accelerators

Cloud D&A Modernization™

powered by Microsoft Azure

DBShift – Accelerate Azure Migration

Microsoft Fabric for Modern Enterprise


powered by Azure Personalizer

Energy Efficiency Analytics™

Cloud D&A Modernization™

Cloud D&A Modernization™ powered by Microsoft Azure

Most of recent technological advancement is either entirely happening on cloud or have well integration capabilities on the cloud. So, it’s needless to state that modern data and analytics framework heavily rely on cloud as its infrastructure mostly because of its high availability and low cost, low maintenance. Moreover, starting off with cloud as infrastructure of choice, then comes the modernization part. But the cloud movement


makes the modernization quite seamless. Once there, you need to capitalize on the huge efficiency and innovation potential it offers. This means building applications and services specifically to maximize the value of a cloud environment. Systech’s Cloud D&A Modernization™, Starts with exhaustive assessment of the legacy infrastructure and applications and carve down a target state cloud architecture for the customers with phased implantation plan.

Cloud D&A Modernization combines our advanced analytics expertise with Azure data storage and powerful compute to provide high-quality, adaptive, and scalable infrastructure to our customers which saves them 50% on execution time with 60% cost saving.

DBShift – Accelerate Azure Migration

Modernize your data management and analytics environment… Faster!

Data infrastructure modernization is necessary IT undertaking in modern data management strategy by several CIOs primarily due to explosion of massive data inflow. Business to be relevant in present data driven competitive environment, it is mandatory to look for a robust and future ready data management framework to support ever-growing business needs.

Sunset Legacy DW
Legacy DW system which either getting out of support or can’t scale to massive data inflow which organizations witness lately

Path to Azure Cloud
Azure Cloud being simple, managed, highly scalable and cost effective, becomes natural choice of enterprise data management

Azure Cloud Analytics is 94% cheaper when compared with other cloud providers

Higher Performance
Azure Analytics is up to 14x faster and costs 94% less than other cloud providers

DBShift – Accelerate Azure Migration-01

Platform Modernization
Migration is always the right opportunity to consider phasing out any legacy system/process which has better alternatives

Unlimited Scalability
Being on Azure cloud Synapse Analytics offers unlimited scalability on both storage and compute.

Microsoft Fabric for Modern Enterprise

Manage your data effectively, seamlessly, and intelligently!

In today’s digital age, companies need to instantly adapt to market changes to stay relevant. This leads to a plethora of niche applications on-premises, cloud or on the edge. Systech’s Data Fabric is our AI Augmented data management solution for managing data lifecycle (extraction, transformation, curation, catalog, and consumption) to ensure data availability, at the right time through the right channel to the right target audience, in a seamless manner and provides enterprises the ability to sense, collaborate, experiment, and act fast.

Why is a Microsoft Fabric required?

  • Enterprises require the power of data to create broader, more detailed, and more sophisticated models of business processes and activity and to put those models to work to make predictions and prescribe optimal next steps

  • If Enterprises must re-invent and re-implement capabilities to manage data in this manner, they will drown in a sea of complexity. Creating, maintaining, and integrating solutions will cost far too much

  • Technology is ever-changing and keeping pace with it is a daunting task (Technology Barrier)

  • Takes specialized skills and resources to make it a reality.

  • The edge-to-multi cloud data distribution requires capabilities for acquiring, managing, enhancing, governing, and securing data in one layer in a seamless manner

The Microsoft Fabric Solution

  • Automate data collection, integration, governance, and security. When data arrives into the data fabric, it will be analyzed to determine its fingerprint, cataloged, and associated with existing models used for business solutions.

  • Automate application of Governance policies and security controls.

  • Automate data movement and provisioning of computing resources for workloads.

  • Automate construction / refinement of metadata models (digital twins). New data will be matched with existing models.

  • Automate business processes based on advanced analytics, ML and AI. Predictive and prescriptive models can recognize opportunities for automated responses or provide guidance to staff.

Recommendr™ powered by Azure Personalizer

Have you ever wondered how Azure marketplace provides such precise recommendations based on your needs? This capability is an essential feature in our digital world, as users are often overwhelmed by choice and need help finding what they are looking for. With a need to elevate user interaction and enrich shopping potential every organisation needs such expertise. This is where our solution kicks in! A precision recommender system that significantly enhances customer engagement leading to higher conversions and satisfied customers. Powered by Azure Personalizer, Systech’s Recommender Solution scales to perform to your needs today and for your growing customer base of tomorrow.


Energy Efficiency Analytics

In today’s digital age, companies need to instantly adapt to market changes in order to stay relevant. Data & Analytics is at the core of building that adaptive capability and fuel Business/Digital Transformation, with the ability to sense, collaborate, experiment and act fast. The key objective of this solution is to measure and analyze the power generation from String inverters in solar panels to improve efficiency and availability. The solution enables various statistical and descriptive analysis to identify losses in power generation and alert appropriate site maintenance teams to take correct actions such as performing thermography, Cleaning up of panels etc.

Energy efficiency analytics solution analyses the various weather parameters, inverter / asset parmeters, location data etc. to study the correlation of these factors to power generation. A predictive model will be deployed as part of this solution which will predict the optimum power that will get generated for available weather conditions in real time basis. The solution will be implemented using Doppler powered by Azure Cloud using Event Hubs, SQL DB and many other services.

Value Proposition:

  • Energy efficiency solution aims to provide powerful and actionable insights to increase power generation, optimize maintenance activities and improve operational efficiency.

  • Fully Digitized Operations with a focus on Real time Performance Monitoring, Safe and Stable Operations and Improved Generation

  • Enabled by Analytics driven Continuous Improvement in Operations and Predictive Maintenance

  • This will be accompanied by Automated Reporting, Real-time flagging, and resolution of issues in a mobile app

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