Application Modernization

To compete today, organizations need data strategies that improve their business processes and outcomes, offer new products and increase customer engagement – or risk being left behind.

What Is Legacy Modernization?

Legacy Modernization means updating all or some of your technology stack (i.e. data warehouses, data platforms and applications) to better support your business goals and processes. Business leaders drive innovation at their companies, but they need new technologies to enable and support this innovation in a real-world environment. They need fast applications, systems that support connectivity, and platforms that bring everything together. Most older IT stacks fail to meet those modern needs. Enter legacy system modernization.


Reduce time to market for new initiatives

Overcome the scale, cost and performance challenges posed by traditional data warehouses. Applications are always up-to-date and integrated for even the most sophisticated analytic workloads.


Ensure Security Compliance

The average cost of a data breach is nearly $4 million, including loss of business, negative impact on reputation and employee time spent on recovery. Minimize your vulnerability with a secure, modern data environment.

Systech’s Modernization Journey

Systech helps companies achieve their business goals through a rigorously tested set of steps toward modernization. We carefully assess your business objectives and apply our technical experience to help transform the way your organization operates. 

As your success partner, our work with you extends even beyond migration. After deployment, we implement mechanisms for precise cost control, governance, and accountability in cloud consumption. At Systech, we remain steadfast in our commitment to evolving our delivery capabilities and solutions to align with customers’ growing demands. 

Fast and Reliable Migration

Save time and resources with Systech’s proven methodology & pre-built utilities to automate and shorten application migration, testing, and validation to mitigate the risk of data loss.

Zero Business Downtime

We use an in-flight management approach to migration, which ensures business continuity and minimizes risk.

DevOps Methodology

Make Continuous Improvement and Delivery a part of your organization’s culture.

Cost-Conscious Development

Minimize your costs with a hybrid (on-site / off-shore) delivery model, and a predictable (fixed) cost model.

Modernization Journey

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