Media & Entertainment

Increase productivity and profitability with complete visibility into your manufacturing operations.

Transform your Operations for the Digital Era

Cloud Services & Migration

Cloud Services & Migration

Automate asset management, streamline supply chains and enable seamless delivery of content with cloud solutions to manage media content more efficiently, with storage and processing scaling to your business. 

Application & Platform Modernization

Application & Platform Modernization

Modernize your legacy applications and systems with a proven approach, that ensures zero downtime and optimizes your costs.

Intelligent Services & Products

Intelligent Services & Products

Integrate machine learning and advanced analytics into the core of your business processes, services and products to drive innovation and develop novel customer offerings. 

Build Connectivity and Intelligence into the core of your business

M&E firms are awash in data, yet most companies don’t know how to unlock this value. Machine Learning and Analytics can deliver the intelligence you need to optimize business decisions in this competitive landscape by analyzing customer, content, and operational data for actionable insights to create better content, infrastructure, and monetization strategies.

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Build Connectivity


  • Enable seamless delivery of live, linear and on-demand content anywhere, anytime, and to any device 
  • Improve customer engagement by delivering relevant, personalized content at scale and enabling better discovery solutions
  • Design cost-effective solution architectures with massive scalability and elasticity to ensure nearly zero-downtime for global audiences

Media Supply Chain

  • Bring your asset management into the cloud to take advantage of the latest innovations in asset management and supply chain applications.
  • Collaborate with vendors, publishers and partners with smart tools to automate workflows, and process, convert, encrypt, encode/transcode, distribute and archive media content. 
  • Implement ML/AI to streamline and automate formerly manual supply chain tasks such as automated metadata generation

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