Key Benefits

Why Managed Services?

24/7 Support availability

24/7 Support Availability

Available to you around the clock

Elastic Staffing

Elastic Staffing

Scale capacity on-demand to match evolving needs

Predictable Cost Model

Predictable Cost Model

Only pay for what you use

Audit and Quality Assurance

Audit & Quality Assurance

Minimize your risks with standardized SLAs 

Simplified IT/Network Ops

Simplified IT / Network Ops

Minimize your management, overhead & staffing costs 

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Drive CI with Kaizen methodologies

Service Offerings

Our Managed Services Framework

We understand the challenges your business faces everyday. Let us help make your job just a little bit easier. Our managed service frameworks reduce operational costs, minimize downtime, dedicate resources to business innovation, and streamline risk mitigation. 

Managed Services Framework

Transformation & Transition

Want the service without the hassle? We seamlessly transition your business into our management services model with minimal impact on your existing operations and analytics practice. From day 1,  get up to speed with the most effective delivery structure, reporting requirements, resource and governance.

Data & Analytics Platform Maintenance & Support

Count on 24/7 support for our data and analytics applications from our experts. Whether corrective maintenance, production support, issue escalation, incident management, product enhancements, or application enhancements, we’ve got you covered.

Managed Analytics

Systech’s Advanced Analytics CoE and Big Data Center of Excellence (CoE) offers assessment, training, analytics and best practices expertise. Our application support pairs your business with leading IT experts to prepare you for whatever challenges cross your path. Increase the adoption of data analytics, data management, data quality and data reporting for less than our competitors. No provider can outperform our data mining, modeling, forecasting, optimization, simulation and experimental features.


Advisory Services

Systech’s Managed Services goes beyond the traditional staffing model. We aim to provide advisory services, developed in our Office of Technology to help ensure the highest level of service possible. These Advisory Services include:

  • Analytics Roadmap & Storyboards
  • Advanced Analytics & ML Use Cases
  • Governance & Security Framework
  • Cloud Analytical Platform Strategy
  • Technology Sandbox – Exploration
  • Platform & Technology Comparisons, Benchmarking & Recommendations
  • Industry Best Practices & KPI Catalogs
  • Thought Leadership & Strategic brain share

Kaizen Continuous Process Improvement

Systech embodies a “Kaizen” approach to delivering continuous improvement. Our key goals will be focused on ticket reduction, increased productivity, refined tools, streamlined process and automation. Our Kaizen is built on the following principles:

  • Understand business priorities & expectations
  • Proactive monitoring to maintain optimal performance and ensure business continuity
  • Focus on root cause, solve rather than support
  • Create repeatable & scalable solutions
  • Eliminate redundancy via automation
  • Keep pace with technology innovation and evolution
  • Strategic guidance
  • Constant communication with business & IT


Managed Services for App development

Delivering value in a Managed Services Arrangement

Case Study

Managed Services for App development empowered user-driven enhancements, problem-solving, and best practices sharing for a leading television network.

Managed Services

Managed Services 101


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