Transforming insurance services with Real-Time Analytics

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Duration: 60 minutes

In the insurance industry, having the ability to access vast data volumes in real-time can solve for slow or inaccurate underwriting, outdated risk models, and fragmented customer records. It also enables new opportunities, such as targeted rate classes and expansion into new markets. Unlocking the full value of data demands a modern data analytics platform that can handle any data scale or complexity, offers full deployment flexibility, and delivers insights in real time.

In this unique event, data analytics leaders discuss how a modern and fast analytics platform that can be deployed anywhere – in data centers, in public clouds, and eventually at the edge–can give insurance companies a sharpened competitive edge.

Transforming financial services with Real-Time Analytics

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Duration: 60 minutes

Increased industry regulation a growing demand for a fully integrated, 360-degree view of customers, and data security are just some of the current challenges facing financial institutions.However, by taking advantage of real-time data analytics at scale, banks can improve the speed and efficiency of financial close, detect fraud more efficiently and much more in real time.

In this webinar, data analytics experts discuss: how modernizing your data warehouse will allow you to gain access to real-time data can help grow your business, how a fast, cloud or on-premises data analytics platform can handle any data scale or complexity, and why full flexibility makes deployment easy anywhere, from data centers to public or private clouds.


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