Data GPS™

Your Roadmap to Transformation

DataGPS™ is a comprehensive strategy designed to help organizations plan, plot and navigate their data & analytics journey. The end-goal is to build a tailored roadmap, indicating the best route forward along with key strategic milestones, closing the gap between today’s reality and tomorrow’s possibilities.

Data GPS Framework
Target Customers

Who is DataGPS™ for?

Our DataGPS™ program is built specifically for organizations looking to take their business to the next level, and augment their processes with data-driven intelligence.

Maturity Curve

Move along the Analytics Maturity Curve

We help customers learn how to truly leverage the power of their company’s data to supercharge existing business processes and improve decision making.

Rethink Digital Transformation

Embarking or Re-thinking your Digital Transformation Journey

We collaborate with you to identify the business outcomes that will help you achieve your objectives, based on your available data assets.                                

Data Architecutre Modernization

Plan for Data Architecture Modernization

Take a holistic approach to your modernization strategy by assessing your organization’s capabilities in context of your business goals & objectives.

Program Overview

De-risk your data & analytics initiatives with a comprehensive & structured framework to help you create a data-driven organization.

We help you define the appropriate strategy & plan required to turn your requirements into a successful transformation. Our assessments look at all aspects of your business and align the key resources needed to deliver your vision.

Program Highlights

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Defined Outcomes & Deliverables

Minimize your risk with a structured framework.

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6-8 week timeline

We get you running as quickly as possible. 

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Fully Managed Team

Flexible project support available 24/7 

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Maximize ROI

Designed to maximize your specific resources and constraints in mind 

Our Strategy Squads engage & guide clients through multiple collaborative sessions to truly understand their business, before delivering a tailored blueprint, based on their specific business context, needs and resources.

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Data & Analytics

Conduct a Process Workshop to:

  • Establish data governance process
  • Define data stewardship protocols
  • Establish data quality & security requirements
  • Establish change management protocols
  • Determine success metrics & KPIs
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People & Skills

Assess Organization’s Readiness:

  • Define roles & responsibilities
  • Evaluate teams’ skillset & expertise mix
  • Provide guidance on required training to improve adoption
  • Assess organization’s data literacy
Systech's Talent Squads
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Policies & Processes

Conduct an Innovation Workshop to:

  • Ideate & Identify business use cases
  • Comprehensive data analysis & assessment
  • Validate requirements & use cases
  • Assess business priorities and value propositions
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Practices & Products

Platform Recommendation:

  • Identify the right tools & platforms
  • Perform a comparative study
  • Perform TCO analysis for short/long term
  • Design a modern technology architecture
Our Roadmap Philosophy

Designed using a tested and proven methodology from 25+ years of experience.

Our Roadmapping Services follow the same philosophies that have guided our success on projects we deliver in industry. The culmination of our project learnings and experience has been packaged to help your business design a specific and actionable strategy.

DataGPS Service Blueprint

We deliver a tailored blueprint, that will serve as a comprehensive guide to a successful data/digital transformation journey, orchestrating  data, technology, policies and skills, in context of stated business objective.

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Enterprise Orchestration

Harness business opportunity and topline growth through a network open for consumer and enterprise application ecosystem. Enable your key capability is secure and completely automated via end-to-end management across multiple domains.

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Defined Metrics of Success

Lower your costs with reduced staffing expenses. Our program offers a low-cost entry point and a simple subscription model, with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Incremental Build

Incremental Build

Your resource capacity scales as you need. Our dynamic teams provide a bigger pool of skilled workers, better workload coverage and increased agility.

Balance Priorities

Balance Priorities

Finding the right talent for delivering successful data and analytics projects, can be difficult to find. We make sure you have experienced and proven talent at your hands, at all times.

Collaborate with our Experts

Engage with our “Strategize Squad” to define your Blueprint for success.

We match you with the right skillset and team to ensure your project’s success. Our Strategize Squad members are trained in helping you deliver:

  • Roadmap Planning
  • Build Executive Buy-in
  • Facilitate workshops with your teams and SMEs
  • Conduct Capability Assessments
  • Design Processes and Policies for organizational change
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Why Systech?

25+ Years of experience with

Data & Analytics

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Proven teams that work together successfully
  • Experienced professionals trained in agile and scrum methodologies.
  • We always deliver, no matter how complex your project is.
  • 92% Average Client Retention Rate over last 5 years

We partner with the best.

You can count on us to know our technology better than anyone else.


Find out how we can help solve your data, analytics, AI and cloud challenges.