Data Analytics As A Service

Get the skills and team you need to deliver game-changing analytics.

Future-proof your company as you drive digital innovation. Delivering intelligence rapidly requires creating, managing and evolving teams at the pace of development. Let us take care of building and continuously calibrating your teams for greater efficiency, speed and flexibility and minimal risk.

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A New Talent Management Solution

A Network of Talent at your Fingertips

Align your digital talent with your goals during every phase of your digital transformation cycle with on-demand talent, made available only for the time you need.

Elastic Staffing

Elastic Staffing

Modify team makeup as you go, so you always have the right talent, at the right time for your development priorities.

Calibrated Teams

Calibrated Teams

Onboard proven teams quickly with on-demand high-quality talent with the right skill mix to accelerate your analytics projects.

Subscription-Based Workforce

Subscription-Based Workforce

Pay for talent on a monthly schedule, so your costs are regularly adjusted based on your requirements for that time period. 

Our Talent

Top Tier Talent for Your Data & Analytics Needs

Members of our talent network have been specifically vetted and tested for their exceptional abilities to deliver on requirements of all levels of complexity. At Systech, we make sure our teams understand how every roles operates and collaborates to produce the highest rate of success.

Systech's Talent Squads
Key Benefits

Teams that evolve and grow as you do.

Affordable & Predictable Cost

Affordable & Predictable Cost

Lower your costs with reduced staffing expenses. Our program offers a low-cost entry point and a simple subscription model, with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Minimize Delivery Risk

Minimize Delivery Risk

Ensure that you always have the talent you will need, as business priorities change. Reduce risk of technology obsolescence caused by outdating your staff.

Fulfill Scarce Skillsets

Fulfill Scarce Skillsets

Finding the right talent for delivering successful data and analytics projects, can be difficult to find. We make sure you have experienced and proven talent at your hands, at all times.

Capacity Scales As Needed

Capacity Scales As Needed

Your resource capacity scales as you need. Our dynamic teams provide a bigger pool of skilled workers, better workload coverage and increased agility.

Increase Ability to Innovate

Increase Ability to Innovate

Innovation can’t happen without experimentation. With dynamic teams, increase your organization’s ability for rapid, agile experimentation.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Gain exclusive access to Systech’s Technology & Industry-based Analytics Accelerators to jumpstart your Analytics or BI initiatives.

How It Works

Assembling Your Squad

A Squad comprises of necessary skills required to perform specific workloads or projects within each month.  Think of your squad as a team of fractional employees – but we manage the hassles of continuously sourcing and adapting your teams based on changing requirements.

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Tell us about your business objectives and workloads

Some clients know exactly what projects they want to get done, and just need to match specific skillsets. Some clients also come to us with broader business objectives. No matter what stage you are in, we can help you source the right talent to match your needs.


We assemble a tailor-made squad based on your needs

The type and volume of workload you expect will determine the necessary talent and for the duration you will need them.


Welcome your first squads to your projects

Our teams are fully managed and can work as independently or collaboratively as the work demands. In all cases, however, they will be ready to hit the ground running as soon as you are.

We work with the tools you do.

Why Systech

Proven Expertise and

Over 30 years of focus on data, analytics, and AI. 

Accelerators and reusable assets for solutions that are twice as fast and cost-effective. 

Comprehensive Team and Learning Approach:

Cross-functional teams blending data, AI, and business insights.

Continuous learning programs to ensure seamless project continuity.

Advanced Technical Capabilities and Platform:

Deep expertise in NLP, LLM, and MDF.

Proprietary platform for testing, training, building, and deploying AI models.

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