Doppler Analytics Platform Advantages

Always Available

Doppler being a cloud solution, it’s always available to the business users all the time.

Quick Time-to-Value

Get running in just a few days using pre-built applications and blocks to speed up custom work.

Fully Managed

Doppler AaaS is a fully managed service with easy setup and minimum administration required.

Reduced Dependency on IT

With less dependency on IT teams for analytics & insights, businesses can focus more on executing and operationalizing their idea.

Agile Analytics

A true agile environment reduces analytics solution/development time and enables business users to experiment more.

High Scalability

Never worry about running out of space. Doppler provides unlimited storage and computes scalability on a Pay-as-you-go basis.

Pre Built Analytics

Doppler AaaS offers a variety of pre-built analytics solutions based on industry-standard practices that are available for ready use.


Doppler is cloud-based solution that ensures you pay for what you use. Save on infrastructure procurement and overhead maintenance costs.

Your entire end-to-end data lifecycle, simplified.

Doppler’s end-to-end data pipeline is optimized for flexibility, low cost of operation, and time to value. The end-to-end pipeline covers the entire data lifecycle from the data source to data sharing and collaboration. It provides scalability and low latency to maximize data engineers’ and analysts’ productivity.

Expert Teams to Help,

Every Step of the Journey

Meet your Doppler™ PRO “Squad” – a dedicated team of solution architects, engineers, analysts, data scientists, developers and project managers, available 24/7/365 to proactively help you manage your data infrastructure and ensure your analytics pipelines are working in excellent condition.

Drive Real Business Transformation with a Modern Data Framework

Take a look under the hood.


Operations (Ops) Services Layer

Embed analytics into any application to deliver insights at the point of action. 

Analytics Services Layer

An powerful analytics engine to drive all of your business intelligence needs – operational, descriptive, exploratory and predictive analytics.

Data Services Layer

Doppler™ offers all of the required data services to ingest and harmonize data as required by deployed analytics applications. 

Infrastructure Layer

Doppler™ was built as a modern cloud-based infrastructure, to provide scalability, security, and an easy-to-use user experience. 

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See how you can identify, define, develop and operationalize the entire lifecycle from data to insights and predictive modeling in less time than traditional BI solutions.