Case Study

Decoding Profitability Insights with Telematics and IoT Data

The client is an industry leader specializing in premium-grade agricultural and construction equipment and services.



The financial services arm of the client needed to optimize their interest free credit cycle and efficiently mobilize the funds available. The After Market Solutions Team (AMS) sought to build an in-house cloud analytics platform to overcome vendor restrictions on telematics data, thereby improving data visibility and analytics capabilities.



To double their revenue in the After Market Solutions (AMS) sector, the client recognized the necessity of telematics and explored a myriad of use cases to capitalize on its potential.

Simultaneously, their financial arm was trying to optimize and automate the manual physical stock audit of the machines, they had loaned to their dealers on a 90-day free credit period which they are entitled to repay on sale of the machine to a customer.


Tackling the Hurdles of manual analytics and insights system and Data Integration

The client grappled with significant issues related to their manual sales data analytics and insights system, generated in diverse formats, indicating the need for an automated system. Furthermore, they were unable to seamlessly integrate and analyze data from various sources, including sales and warranty data, which was critical for optimizing stock audit analytics and insights process and on time credit collection from dealers.


Empowering Decision-Making with Analytics and Telematics Integration

Systech revolutionized the client’s data analysis system by addressing the inefficiencies of manual processes and resource-intensive tasks. Using Azure cloud for ingesting, processing, and storing stream data, Systech built the telematics data platform, implemented data transformation and enrichment to enhance the raw telematics data with additional context and metadata.

By seamlessly integrating telematics data with sales and warranty data, Systech was able to successfully automate the stock audit process, enabling prompt notifications to users when their machines leave the stockyard or exceed anticipated usage levels.

The comprehensive telematics data captured comprises crucial parameters such as location, speed, idling time, harsh acceleration or braking, fuel consumption, vehicle faults, and more. Analyzing this wealth of information for events and patterns has granted us profound insights across the entirety of our client’s fleet.

Leveraging the power of Data integration perspectives, Systech crafted a suite of interactive dashboards in Qliksense for efficient data analysis and visualization. Additionally, the implementation of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) cards enabled effective monitoring and evaluation of machine utilization, alert, and sales performance.

Through a collaborative partnership, Systech rapidly deployed the solution, allowing the client to witness significant enhancements in service analysis, automating stock audit evaluation and eradicating the need for physical stock audit within a short span of time.


The Power of Telematics Data: Enabling In-Depth Insights across Fleet

Systech’s advanced analytics solution streamlined the analytics and insights process, saving valuable time and effort. Integration of data from multiple sources was seamlessly achieved, while performance tuning and pre-processing of data ensured efficient visualization of charts and reports.

The cloud-based analytics platform and the stock audit dashboard provided valuable insights into machine utilization, machine alerts, services and reducing the need for physical stock audit. These insights, derived from in-depth analysis of telematics data, amplified visibility into critical service aspects, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s utilization.

The solution fostered collaboration and drove improvements in service performance by distributing a separate monthly machine utilization analytics to all stakeholders. This widespread dissemination ensured a shared understanding and empowered informed decision-making.


Redefining Service and Stock Audit through Advanced Telematics-Driven Analytics

Through the seamless integration of telematics data with an advanced stock audit system, Systech empowered the client to significantly reduce travel costs associated with physical stock audits at dealer locations. Leveraging machine utilization metrics and GPS signals, the entire stock audit process was optimized for maximum efficiency.

Moreover, custom alerts were intelligently designed to proactively address potential service issues, leading to a notable enhancement in customer satisfaction levels.

Systech’s comprehensive solutions surpassed client expectations, ushering in an era of data-driven decision-making and improved collaboration among stakeholders. The integration of telematics data not only streamlined the client’s after-market sales and services but also paved the way for sustained growth and success.

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