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Visual Data Engineering

Scaling & Distribution

Embedded Analytics

Machine Learning & AI

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Self-service analytics

Create powerful insights, reports, and dashboards

The Dopplr platform helps companies deliver success at all stages. Monetize your data and deliver insights at the relevant point of action, with Dopplr’s data & analytics workspace built for agility, scalability and security. 

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Visual Data Engineering

Your entire end-to-end data lifecycle, simplified

Doppler Blueprint

Connect to data from any source. Orchestrate transformations, consolidate multiple sources or perform custom data logic. Our data transformation processes lay the foundation for automated data pipelines, ensuring the consistency, integrity, and veracity of every insight presented to your users.

Seamless Integration

Integrate directly with your data sources, be it cloud, on-premise, or individual CSV files.


Discover more in your data

Build analytic models and services on the Dopplr™ platform to customize data exploration for your teams or customers. 

Scale & Distribution

Scale & distribute your analytics to match the pace of business growth

Scale your analytics & computing infrastructure, without sacrificing performance. Dopplr’s cloud-based infrastructure extends all of the benefits of cloud to your analytics, without incurring delays in planning or executing a large-scale cloud migration. Empower your teams with data and analysis in the hands of every individual.

Scale Efficiently

Dopplr sits on a dynamic elastic architecture that enables fast, cost-effective scaling. So your analytics can change with you, rather than hold you back.

Empower Distributed Teams & Remote Workforce

Solve problems faster, with everyone working together in real time from a unified view of data

Embedded Analytics

Integrate analytics into your product, portal or app

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Stream analytic insights directly into your software application, SaaS product or web portal via REST APIs. Built with modularity and extensibility in mind, Dopplr’s architecture allows for seamless integration with the products or applications you have in mind.


Simplify the buy vs. build decision

Use Dopplr to launch your analytics in only 8 weeks – at a fraction of the cost.

White-Label Customization

Dopplr is completely customizable – from data pipelines to branding – to fit the needs of any user, department, or company.

Machine Learning & AI

Modernize any business process to run and improve as you do

Dopplr’s marketplace feature enables users and teams to discover pre-built enterprise-ready intelligent apps and deploy their own. Leverage Dopplr’s cloud platform, security, data management, and distribution to quickly build intelligent applications.

Move rapidly from idea to action

Create your own low-code intelligent apps or partner with Systech to quickly build custom apps to meet your business needs. 

Auto ML / AI models included

Grab one of the pre-built auto ML models from the app library or build your own to turbocharge your analytics and business processes.

Built on the Cloud Provider of Your Choice

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
Microsoft Azure

Expert Teams to Help,

Every Step of the Journey

Meet your Dopplr PRO “Squad” – a dedicated team of solution architects, engineers, analysts, data scientists, developers and project managers, available 24/7/365 to proactively help you manage your data infrastructure and ensure your analytics pipelines are working in excellent condition.


Learn more about Dopplr analytics platform

See how you can identify, define, develop and operationalize the entire lifecycle from data to insights and predictive modeling in less time than traditional BI solutions.