Retail & CPG

Deliver personal, seamless, and differentiated experiences with data-based customer insights.

Transform your Operations for the Digital Era

Leverage retail analytics at every point of the value chain to drive business results. Whether you are streamlining inventories, personalizing customer experiences, or applying advanced analytics, successful practices begin with integrating data and effectively managing new data as it comes at unprecedented size and speed. In today’s digital age, where empowered customers are dictating the terms of engagement, achieving profitability means delivering the right products to the right customer through the right channel at the right time. Combine your existing online, mobile and IoT retail data to create a unified omni channel experience tailored for individual customers.

Cloud Services & Migration

Cloud Services & Migration

Enable an agile infrastructure to innovate your business, consolidate omni-channel data, and create comprehensive, enriched customer profiles with a scalable and accessible solution infrastructure.

Application & Platform Modernization

Application & Platform Modernization

Modernize your legacy applications and systems with a proven approach, that ensures zero downtime and optimizes your costs.

Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI

Inform your business strategies with more precision using advanced predictive analytics. Whether creating automated insights for service reps or forecasting for merchandise and supply chain planning,  ML & AI can take your business to the next level. 

A connected enterprise for connected experiences

Our services are designed to support you on your Digital Transformation Journey, from Strategy, to Technology to Analytics. Our technology & engineering experts can help you connect your enterprise data, across business systems, customer applications, and supply chains with a powerful digital foundation. Then, our Analysts and Data Scientists can help you build data-driven decision-making into the core of your business.

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Drive innovation across the Value Chain

In today’s digital age, companies need to instantly adapt to market changes in order to stay relevant. Analytics & Data Management is at the core of how we build adaptive capability for your enterprise to fuel digital transformation with the ability to sense, experiment, collaborate and act fast to achieve transformational outcomes.

Customer Intelligence

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer 360º
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Loyalty Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Customer Journey Mapping

Sales & Marketing

  • Omnichannel Analytics
  • Promotional Effectiveness & Planning
  • Personalization & Campaign Insights
  • Competitive Market Insight


    • Supplier Collaboration
    • Pricing Analysis
    • Basket Analysis & Profitability
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Product Affinity & Recommendations
    • Assortment Planning
    • Revenue Optimization

    Store Operations

    • Shrinkage
    • Workforce Management
    • Store Personnel & Vendor Compliance
    • Store Performance
    • Inventory Transparency
    • Category Management

    Supply Chain

    • Logistics
    • Inventory Transparency
    • Demand Forecasting
    • Assortment Planning
    • Supplier Performance

    Success Stories

    Driving Market Penetration

    Driving Market Penetration on new digital channels for America's largest retailer

    At one of the largest e-commerce sites in the US, Systech implemented a business intelligence/data warehouse solution that supports a comprehensive retail analytics practice including: customer analytics, site analytics, marketing analytics, supply chain, and traditional retail metrics & reporting. With Systech’s help, this retailer analyzed customer segments and optimized site experiences to reduce bounce rates, boost conversion, and identify opportunities for increased revenue. 

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