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You have big goals and plans to grow and scale your business. But you need the right foundation to get there. Without the right technology, analytics, and people to take you there, your strategy is only a dream. We help mid-size to large enterprises plan, design, build and optimize their technology and analytics capabilities so they can focus on delivering value.


Data Management & Engineering

Created trusted and secure systems for your data, democratize access across your organization, and empower innovation from the core. 

Cloud Strategy & Implementation

Modernize your operations with a scalable, reliable, and resilient solution for even the most complex workloads.

Managed Services

Control and optimize IT spend with fully managed services. Rely on knowing your environment is taken care of teams with extensive training, experience, and skills to ensure your business success. 


Build intelligent capabilities within every aspect of your business to become a data-driven organization. 

Data Science, ML & AI

Optimize and Automate your business processes with advanced analytics designed to take your business to the next level of intelligence. 

You’re in good company.

We’ve got your back. End-to-End Services across the Analytics Lifecycle.

From strategy through execution, Systech is committed to the success of your data investment. We are continually developing, applying and refining new methods to maximize the power of your data, all while minimizing your costs. With millions of hours of field experience, Systech has built up an arsenal of tools and expertise to tackle challenges of all scales. From custom engagements to our fit-for-purpose industry analytics suites, we approach every project using the Systech Methodology – A comprehensive framework to ensure we consider all the unique aspects of your business, but flexible enough to extend towards tackling problems of all complexities.

End-to-End Business Intelligence

At Systech, we put our customers needs first. No matter what stage of the BI lifecycle you stand, we can design, develop, and implement any solution for your business requirements. Whether a full lifecycle implementation, or custom engagement, here are some of the services we can incorporate:

  • Define a comprehensive detail plan to complete the assignments on time and within budget
  • Establish BI platform & architecture to develop a BI application
  • Use industry best practices, methodology & processes to deliver the highest quality solutions
  • Use extensive technical expertise & domain knowledge to develop robust & scalable solutions
  • Design unit test cases and validations to ensure end solutions meeting all business user expectations

We understand that our customers’ technical support needs vary and may evolve over time. We offer various levels of support designed to suit a wide variety of customer requirements. Contact us if you are seeking something particular not mentioned here.

Client Value Proposition

Systech’s Project Management Team enables clients to operate with speed, flexibility and consistency. All of our solutions are built to enhance utility for planning and managing future client projects.

  • Understand customer business & provide information to improve decision making process
  • Identify pain areas & bottlenecks
  • Exceed sponsor expectations
  • Help customer achieve higher performance in their business

Technology & Data Strategy (Advisory Services)

Systech helps you identify ‘value’ and potential problem areas in business. We create opportunities through a comprehensive review of your BI assets. Our IT strategy team designs a plan based on compelling business needs at optimum costs to deliver invaluable business insights. We aim to:

  • Understand your priorities & business requirements
  • Assess business processes & tools to build the optimal solution for your needs
  • Establish a plan for project deployment based on your goals and milestone – enabling incremental realization of benefits
  • Prioritize and align business & IT initiatives
  • Build an ideal integration blueprint

 Vision & Roadmap Development

Systech’s road map provides a comprehensive strategy that allows clients to leverage their enterprise information to navigate towards high performance. By providing a BI framework with flexible entry points, Systech enables organizations to enter the BI implementation effort at any step of the development cycle

  • Provides a well defined and comprehensive path to a successful BI implementation
  • Highlights core benefits & challenges of a BI implementation
  • Provides a deeper insight into critical requirements as in resources, infrastructure & budgets
  • Provides proven best practices to achieve business goals

Technology Assessment / BI Healthcheck

We conduct a thorough assessment of an existing business intelligence environment to identify potential gaps to delivering your defined requirements. Systech also recommends solutions to bridge problem areas using proven best practices and a well defined methodology.

At Systech, we perform numerous assessments for a wide variety of clients ensuring a highly successful BI solution. We identify previously unseen business opportunities and goals before the project is launched and establish both long-term & short-term benefits for our clients.

  • Provides a thorough assessment of the environment from different perspectives
  • Highlights specific trouble-spots and possible solution to address them
  • Provides proven best practices to achieve the business goals

Platform Selection

At Systech, we understand the criticality of implementing the right BI platform to create a robust BI environment. Hence, we help our customers to identify a technology platform (Database, ETL and Reporting) that best meets their business requirements.

With experience in achieving both enterprise wide and small deployment of the best BI tools in the market, Systech delivers an appropriate solution for your organization.

  • An un-biased and vendor neutral selection of tools that fits customer’s requirements
  • Tool selections based on comprehensive and customized selection criteria specific to the customer’s need
  • Collaborative evaluation of tools, leveraging Systech’s in-depth expertise in various technology practices


Systech’s Quick Start helps induct a given tool / technology (Database, ETL and Reporting) quickly into the customer’s environment enabling quicker realization of business goals. Our team of BI experts builds Quick Start programs based on best practices to help companies gain meaningful, actionable insight from their data. We offer Quick Start programs specific for each of our Technology Practices.

  • Provides a platform based on the selected tools / technology to build and extend the business intelligence environment
  • Enables quicker realization of business value
  • Quickly identify the issues, risks and its mitigation in a short time frame at a lower cost

Proof of Concept

Systech focuses on client’s unique requirements to analyze tools and recommend services. After determining the appropriate course of action, Systech creates a prototyped-version (a limited data model) as a ‘Proof of Concept’ to demonstrate the essential functionalities of your solution. It is of utmost importance to us that our customers are completely satisfied with their fully integrated BI solution.

  • Evaluates the compatibility of a tool to fit customer’s business requirements
  • Analyzes the viability of the tool within their specific environment
  • Determines and defines the process which is suitable to the customer’s environment

Legacy Modernization

Systech’s Legacy Technology Modernization services helps customers upgrade their existing IT environment, platforms and applications from legacy technologies to newer technologies and tools, using best practices and a well defined methodology. Also, Systech enables customers to cope up with the generational changes that a technology platform has undergone by shedding light on its implications for your digital environment.

  • Accommodates a seamless upgrade to the latest version of tools / platform with zero impact to ongoing business activities
  • Provides latest features, extended support and improved stability

Platform Migration

Systech’s Platform Migration helps clients migrate the existing business intelligence environment from one technology platform to another (Database, ETL and Reporting). Improve performance, scalability and drive down your costs with a defined migration plan so that your IT can perform at the level you want.

  • Improved BI environment integrating technologies best suited for your business functionalities
  • Phased and well-planned migration of the environment with zero-impact to ongoing business activity
  • Gain scalability, robustness, & improved performance from your environment
  • Eliminate bottlenecks & excess bulk to streamline your business operations and reduce costs.

Our Support & Maintenance Model

Our team is committed to customer satisfaction every step of the way. We not only maintain key business functions but also seek to improve them to push you ahead of the competition.

Our maintenance & support programs are executed with a proven methodology by a team of skilled technology experts. If you are interested in finding out more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Create a comprehensive plan by collaborating with the customer to make program stable and secure
  • Ensure support for schedules, staffing, infrastructure, escalation mechanism, communication channels, risk mitigation and disaster recovery
  • Prepare Service Level Agreement (SLA) document encompassing financial metrics, performance level guidelines, uptime requirements and non-performance clauses customized to the client’s need
  • Define process document to illustrate workflows related to service request creation and execution, control points, routine tasks, change control, test plans, test cases, quality audit, performance review and reports

Systech has established a Project Management Office to provide oversight of all customer engagements. Our project management team develops disciplined processes for all phases of your project. Systech’s established methodology combined with a phased project management approach bolsters governance practices, by assessing risks and identifying triggers & mitigation solutions. Our post-project evaluations provide the basis for continued process improvement so that we can become your service provider of choice.

Bringing a Systematic Framework to address Creative Business Challenges

While analytics can provide insight towards solving complex problems, it can only be as precise as the original questions asked of the data. Framing the problem with the right questions is the first step towards gaining the data advantage.

Systech engages in each project as if the client’s business was our own. Integrating years of project experience with best practices and proven methodology, we have developed a framework to help design and implement the most effective solution. This framework works to define exactly what your business needs are and the relevant information that would allow you to make decisions yielding the largest performance impact.

How We Engage With Clients

No matter what stage of the project lifecycle your company may be, Systech can help you select the optimal project management methods needed to achieve a specific goal.

Managed Services

Our experts help manage the scope of your BI & data analytics investment, while bringing the right resources on board to ensure flawless execution.

Global Service Delivery Model

We start with a get-things-done attitude. Our global footprint ensures you benefit from a near-shoring strategy that combines on-premise agility with remote cost savings. We utilize our global capabilities to enable our customers with scalable solutions and around-the-clock support.

Global Service Delivery Model

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