Manufacturing & Distribution Analytics

Increase productivity and profitability with complete visibility into your manufacturing operations.

Transform your Operations for the Digital Era

From handling complex IoT and sensor data, to analyzing historical data in legacy systems, our teams are equipped to help you build the ideal IT infrastructure and analytic capabilities to power your business and drive faster innovation.

Cloud Services & Migration

Cloud Services & Migration

Get your infrastructure ready for the Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 era, with a hyper-scalable and reliable solution for your business operations.

Application & Platform Modernization

Application & Platform Modernization

Modernize your legacy applications and systems with a proven approach, that ensures zero downtime and optimizes your costs.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Accelerate the time it takes to connect, mashup, and analyze data across sensors, devices, and business systems, delivering insights into operational and business KPIs.

Improve Visibility across the Manufacturing Lifecycle

Our services are designed to support you on your Digital Transformation Journey, from Strategy, to Technology to Analytics. Our technology & engineering experts can help you connect your enterprise data, across business systems, factory equipment, and supply chains with a powerful digital foundation. Then, our Analysts and Data Scientists can help you build data-driven decision making into the core of your business.

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Improve Visibility

Unlock Productivity and Profitability

Make sense of your manufacturing data with analytics focused on optimizing production, creating new opportunities, and improving operational efficiencies across the value chain.

Capacity Planning

  • Leverage more accurate forecasts to improve capacity planning.
  • Improve margins & find capacity driven revenue opportunities.
  • Optimize capacity utilization against production or logistics plans, while meeting order fulfillment objectives.
  • Identify and adapt more flexibly to market conditions.


  • Optimize Vendor Management Approach & Materials Acquisition cost with no impact on production & operations.
  • Leverage purchasing power, minimize unit costs & harmonize vendors across supply chain.
  • Mitigate production risks and impacts from Vendor Performance.
  • Improve materials inventory availability while reducing carrying costs.

Operations & Logistics

  • Test what-if scenarios and improve planning efforts.
  • Understand capital asset utilization and maintenance issues in a far more proactive way.
  • Reduce production and logistics downtime while at the same time optimizing overall maintenance costs.

Warehouse & Inventory

  • Optimize warehouse and inventory efficiency throughput. 
  • Ensure inventory accuracy, turnover, lead time, days of supply and other key metrics. 
  • Understand slow moving inventory, optimize space utilization and carrying costs. 
  • Mitigate loss and ensure contract obligations and/or end point stock level needs are met. 

Sales Analytics GTM

  • Data integration and consolidation for comprehensive analytics
  • Demand planning to optimize inventory levels
  • Calculate ROI on trade and consumer marketing investments
  • Identify unbilled customers and fine-tune market execution
  • Analyze shop score, on-shelf availability, and sales run rate
  • Reduce inventory holding levels for cost savings
  • Unlock the value of your data and make informed decisions

Sample Manufacturing Dashboards

Production Schedule Adherence 

Gain visibility and transparency into production line and unit performance. 

Granular Visibility

View batch and item level reasons for target miss in production expectations.

Democratize Access

Set custom user permissions to provide the right data to the right people in a timely manner.

Production Schedule Adherence
Production Planning

Production Planning

Keep an eye on production performance on an ongoing basis, to measure trends in seasonality, by plant, by product or by market.

Identify gaps in factory floor operations

With clear visibility of the total operations performance, easily pinpoint how changes to operational processes affect production performance.  

Enable more accurate demand forecasting

Better data means better accuracy in forecasting for demand planners. Dashboards also provide drill-down capabilities to allow managers to see specific reasons for delays.  

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