Systech and Microsoft Elevate Data Integration with Advanced Microsoft Fabric Initiatives

Glendale, 15 May 2024 – Systech Solutions announces an expansion of capabilities in partnership with Microsoft, focusing on Microsoft Data Fabric framework. This collaboration aims to enhance data integration and accelerate the adoption of Generative AI technologies across the enterprise.

Microsoft Data Fabric simplifies data integration, enhances accessibility, and expedites insights. Systech is enhancing this robust framework to help clients quickly realize its full potential, streamlining data infrastructure for faster, impactful results.

Systech’s Enhancements with Microsoft Data Fabric:

Enhances Microsoft Data Fabric to enable seamless management of essential functionality for a modern data platform.

Expands services in data lake management, real-time analytics, data engineering, and integration, effectively meeting diverse data management needs.

Accelerates data readiness, boosts insight accessibility, and lays the groundwork for AI-driven innovation.

Offers significant time and cost savings—customers report saving 40-50% by leveraging Systech’s utilities and reusable assets.

CEO Quote:

“Our collaboration with Microsoft transforms how we empower clients with AI and data management solutions,” stated Srini Ramaswamy, CEO of the International Region and Co-Founder of Systech. “Integrating the Microsoft Data Fabric framework into our strategy enhances our capability to deliver sophisticated AI solutions that elevate human experiences and drive substantial business outcomes.”

The partnership also enables Systech to integrate Microsoft’s Data Fabric framework into clients’ self-service analytics, significantly boosting innovation capabilities.

As a key user of Microsoft Data Fabric, Systech has successfully enabled comprehensive services integration for clients, revolutionizing how they access and analyze information and greatly improving productivity and satisfaction.

Through these initiatives, Systech and Microsoft are redefining data management and AI analytics standards, helping enterprises unlock growth opportunities and advance in the digital era.

About Systech 

Systech Solutions is a full stack Data and Analytics company that provides a range of services in Cloud, Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. With 30+ years of experience, Systech continues to drive business innovation and growth for clients through data-driven solutions. Join the future of intelligent and connected businesses with Systech!

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About Microsoft 

Microsoft creates platforms and tools powered by AI to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. The technology company is committed to making AI available broadly and doing so responsibly, with a mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. 

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