Modernization Accelerator

Our flagship utility app, DBShift enables smooth and error-free migration from on-premises Data Warehouse to a Cloud Data Warehouse. 

Key Features

Flexible deployment options. Superior pricing and performance. “Expand-as-you-grow” architecture. 
Capacity Scales As Needed

Affordable & Efficient

Offers a low-cost entry point and achieves 70% automation, reducing migration efforts and associated costs. 

Capacity Scales As Needed

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Allows for a higher level of built-in scalability and enables seamless monitoring for all types of workloads. 

Capacity Scales As Needed

Automation Made Simple

Automates your database, data pipelines, and application migrations utilities swiftly and securely.  

Capacity Scales As Needed

DevOps Methodology

Empowers business users through continuous integration and data delivery and facilitates governance 

Capacity Scales As Needed

Guided Strategies & Success

Enables users to evaluate database environments and select the right migration approach for business needs. 

Capacity Scales As Needed

Compatibility at your Fingertips

Enhances accuracy by performing data validations and facilitating in-depth testing of migrated code.  

Business Value

Accelerated Data Warehouse Modernization at the speed of innovation 
DB Shift



Strengthening core insurance systems

Learn how the largest provider of insurance solutions achieved faster decision making from Systech’s proprietary data warehouse modernization accelerator and industry-specific approach.

DB Shift Utility

Make your migration to cloud an opportunity, not a challenge! Based on proven migration methodology and cloud technology skills Systech’s DW Modernization Accelerators, ensures a seamless, error-free migration.