Case Study

Rapid delivery of Data Analytics and core Insights


Our client is a Fortune 500 company providing insurance solutions for more than 55 million customers – both businesses and individuals. They were looking for a way to revamp their re-insurance offerings, to achieve data excellence and a sustainable competitive edge.  

 Every day, this leading multi-line insurer ingests about millions of transactions into a data warehouse environment to support monthly analytics and insights and claims-handling processes and protecting against the next risk. Their current infrastructure was antiquated, fragile, and often manual which limited their systematic capabilities thus hindering innovation and growth. 

 The company sought a solution that could synthesize its massive quantity of multinational datasets for day-to-day use and achieve company-wide analytics to help gain critical business insight from their data including validating insurance pricing and evaluating data on policies sold and claims made. 

Combining the power of our proprietary data warehouse modernization accelerator and our insurance industry-specific approach, Systech is helping the largest provider of insurance solutions transform its business and technology capabilities to achieve ambitious business outcomes. 

Modern requirements call for a modern platform and industry’s fastest and most effective migration path 

In choosing a cloud data warehouse provider and a migration partner, the client focused on two main things: price for performance and ease of migration. Yellowbrick’s elastic data warehouse met the client’s need with its low acquisition and operating costs combined with high performance, and Systech was selected after a successful POC (Proof of Concept) and for its track record of delivering measurable value, fast. Systech success lies in accomplishing data and analytics initiatives 2x faster for 2x lower cost than most providers. 

  Automated migration using Systech DBShift™ 

Systech’s DBShift™ utility accelerated data warehouse modernization by automating the discovery, migration, and validation phases of the migration. DBShift™ can achieve at least 70% automation, reducing migration efforts and cost. 

  Key features of DBShift™: 

  • Guided strategy & assessment to prepare an inventory list of objects mapped to a migration strategy (e.g., evaluate Re-Host / Re-Architect / Re-Factor). 
  • Automated database, data pipeline, and application migration utilities to ensure a swift, secure, and smooth transition to cloud. 
  • Automation of data & data pipelines validation 
  • Containerization & orchestration of workloads for a higher level of baked-in scalability, monitoring, and fault tolerance. 
  • Insights from Monitoring & logging for security and performance (APM)

Big results in 3 months 

The client’s complex workloads required Postgres compatibility, seamless integrations with their existing tech stack, and hybrid cloud flexibility. Their choice to move forward to Yellowbrick with Systech as their BI (Business Intelligence) partner need for large-scale analytics and allowed them to update risk models and analytics environment faster than ever before. 

Rapid delivery of financial and analytical data insights key to driving tangible results 

This migration enabled the client to decrease the time to produce business-critical, end-of-month reports by 55% and accelerate SAS processes from hours to minutes. 

 The modernized infrastructure outpaced client’s legacy solution, delivering results in seconds as opposed to days -running complex test queries on an 80TB dataset, with 100+ concurrent analytics and insights executing simultaneously. 

 These data deliverables fortified a long-term, positive impact and set a precedent within the organization. As a result, not only did the client see an improvement from an operational efficiency in various paths, but also found that they become a more data driven organization in the process.  

Results include: 

  • Higher than 60%-time savings recognized in the month end financial close cycle, critical process that supports ZNA P&L and business performance insights (1200+ workflows) 
  • 25% linear time savings in the daily batch run (3600+ workflows) 
  • 4X to 6X query performance improvement on the adhoc BOE insights
  • 4800+ data transformation workflows transitioned to Yellowbrick 
  • 32K+ database objects migrated 
  • 1+ million lines of C++ code converted to SQL based technology (reducing loss reserving recast cycle by 75%) 
  • 400 terabytes of uncompressed data migrated 
  • 30+ Business object insights universes are transitioned to Yellowbrick 
  • 10 GB bandwidth cross connect network connectivity established between ZNA and Yellowbrick cloud subscription 

Business impact 

  • Faster decision making, with some queries running up to 6X faster across multiple departments at a fraction of the cost-per-query. 
  • More accurate results, with more than 400+ TB of data available for queries. 
  • Faster access to new data, with some data loads that used to take days now completing in seconds and available for queries immediately –enabling much fresher data for analysis. 
  • Rapid migration with Systech’s DBShift, with most queries and stored procedures moving to Yellowbrick with minimal changes required. 
  • Significant data center savings, achieved through sharply reduced rack space, power, and cooling requirements