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Experience Live Demo of Cloud Migration with AI

April 18 @ 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Less Is More, with GenAI Powered Cloud Migration! Experience Less time, Less cost, and Less risk with Systech’s DBShift™!

🚀 Unveiling the Future: GenAI Powered Cloud Modernization with DBShift™ 🚀A Special Invitation for CIOs & IT Leaders: Step into a new era of cloud modernization with Systech’s DBShift™,now revolutionized by GenAI. Join us for an exclusive webcast series: “Unveil, Explore & Experience GenAi Powered DBShift™.” Embark on a journey that goes beyond unveiling a product update; it’s about pioneering the future of cloud migration.

Why Attend:

  • Uncover Revolutionary Innovations: Learn how DBShift™’s GenAI enhancements have made it faster, more cost-effective, and ultra-secure.
  • Engage in an Interactive Learning Journey: Navigate the latest disruptions in cloud migration with our engaging platform.
  • Get Up Close with Advanced Technology: Discover potential applications and innovative tools that set DBShift™ apart.
  • Meet Pioneers: Network with Systech’s thought leaders and gain insights that could elevate your organization.

Our Exciting Line-Up: 


1. Apr 18 – Live Demo of GenAI-Powered DBShift™

  • Experience the future with Sunil Kumar, VP of Product Engineering, showcasing DBShift™’s cutting-edge features in a live demo.


Past Events:

Mar 28 – DBShift™ and Cloud Migration with Generative AI- A Deep Dive

  • A Closer Look”: Dive deep with Aditya Gollapudi into the technical depths of DBShift™ and the role of Generative AI in enhancing cloud migration strategies.

Feb 29 – The Value Proposition of GenAI-Powered DBShift™ (on Demand)

  • A talk show with Arun Gollapudi, CEO, Aditya Gollapudi, VP Enterprise Architecture, and Sunil Kumar Arjun Prasad, VP of Product Engineering, unveiling the potential of Gen AI in cloud migration.


This webcast series is a pivotal moment in cloud migration technology. Secure your place today and join a visionary community poised to redefine cloud technology.


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April 18
8:30 pm - 9:00 pm