Ideation & Innovation Workshop

Innovation workshops can be an effective approach to imagining digital transformation possibilities. Innovation workshops are a powerful tool for internal innovation and for co-innovation with customers and partners. These sessions are often the first stop for organizations as they progress on their various digital transformation initiatives. However, designing and executing innovation workshops effectively and efficiently is an art form that requires skills far beyond those of a typical meeting.

Systech’s Innovation & Ideation workshop is a 4 week program that primarily focused around Data & Analytics, to develop the best use cases and strategies for fueling innovation in 3 areas: Process Innovation, Technology Innovation, and Business Model Innovation. Our workshop provides an invaluable opportunity to break free from the patterns and behaviors that stifle creativity.  


Workshop Structure

Our Ideation & Innovation workshop is tailored to each client we work with, while drawing on a toolkit of proven approaches and exercises. This workshop is suitable for businesses who need to innovate in order to respond to increased competition, who are looking to help different departments work together more effectively, or who simply wish to foster innovations within their business processes.


The key objective of the innovation workshop is to generate and identify strategic (disruptive) and tactical (incremental) ideas that can add measurable business value to the client’s near-term and longer-term strategic roadmaps and decide on the focus and approach of an innovation program.

Ahead of the workshop, we provide a brief to attendees before the workshop and encourage them to start looking out for opportunities and inefficiencies within the business, and even come prepared with some ideas. We  find this leads to a more dynamic session, because people aren’t blindsided by having to be creative on the spot. We also help you identify the best stakeholders to attend the workshop. There should be a deep understanding of your business’ and customer’s goals and challenges.

Through the course of 4 weeks, we guide clients through the following phases to prioritize and crystallize their ideas and strategies for innovation in a structured manner, to develop coherent and comprehensive implementation plans:

  • Ideation
  • Categorization
  • Prioritization
  • Profiling / Business Case
  • Roadmap


By the end of the 4 week program, you will be able to take a clear, defined business case and set of actionable plans to steer your business in new creative directions and kick-off your digital transformations. 

  • Actionable Strategy & Roadmap that enables Continuous Improvement and Innovation
  • Prioritized list of innovations/ideas with clear Value Proposition defined, along with an Implementation Strategy​
  • Cross-function collaboration to translate opportunities to outcomes
  • Strategic alignment of Business and IT on program objectives, outcomes, and success criteria
  • Unified view of Business and Data & Analytics Strategy
  • Development of Competitive Advantage to “Stay Ahead” in the digital economy

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