Working mothers and their mental wellness
Written By: Pavithra Desikan

The post pandemic era has confronted the working mother with several roles at a time, requiring multiple decisions to be made in short order. Her day is incessantly frantic, and a challenge to her acumen. She is at risk of burnout, anxiety, and acute stress. There are reports stating that at least 47% of working women experience more stress and anxiety. More than 50% are sleep-deprived, many have quit their jobs or switched careers to lighter options. 

 So how does a working mom respond effectively to these challenges? Here are a few ways she can manage and reduce stress load… 

Organize. A well-planned day is already half the job done. By leveraging the tentacles of technology, her workweek can be efficiently organized. Apps like Microsoft Viva Insights in Office 365, SourceForge contribute to effective tracking, easy and well-timed execution. 

Enhanced Focus. Having crisp, time-defined meetings, with a list of action points, must become a default format to keep productivity high. Two thirds of Systech’s marketing team comprises of working mothers and we are expanding our approach to flexible work beyond the pandemic. By encouraging working moms to choose their schedules and environments, we are providing them with the autonomy they need to reach their full potential. In addition, by adopting a “No Friday team meeting” policy, team members have more control of their calendars and can create an uninterrupted flow to help complete the tasks for the week. 

Unwind. Organizations like Headspace are pioneers in dealing with stress relief. Their meditation techniques are firmly backed by science and have established studies to show that activities like mindfulness meditation cause reduced cortisol levels in blood. Furthermore, medical studies have consistently linked physical activities to elevated moods, reduced stress, and depression. Now here’s a motive to have fun, break into song, and shake a leg! 

Self-care. Be it a Tabata routine, meditation, diet, or skincare, caring for oneself is vital. It helps calm the mind and turn the focus inwards. This is vital for working mothers because their supercharged lifestyle leaves very less time for taking care of themselves. It is in times like this, that apps like Headspace, and other assistance hotlines, guide them towards better mental fitness. 

Sleep. A well-rested night speaks for a success-filled day. Studies show that women who sleep regularly for 7 to 8 hours experience 19% more productivity and have less anxiety spells, as opposed to those sleeping less than 6.5 hours a day. The role of mental wellness in the organization, for better productivity and morale, has been discussed in several articles in recent days. 


Conceiving of culture of growth 

Every year on 7thApril the World Health Day is observed. A day to highlight the finer aspects of wellness, and to encourage the world populace towards healthier choices.  

While organizations today are opening their doors to mothers who are rejoining the workforce after a break, they have a responsibility to their employees who are also parents. 

They must measure, track, and develop insights of their workforce, so they can contribute to creating nurturing ecosystems for mothers. This means knowing the demographics of the workforce, understanding hiring and promotion stats and using data to understand the unique needs of their workforce. Informed by data, organizations must ensure their policies and cultures support working moms. 

It is through effective communication, understanding and acceptance that these changes will be mirrored pan globe in days to come. 

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