Top 5 Organizational Trends for Successful Execution in 2022
Written By : Kirtika Banerjee

The post-pandemic era is still far-sighted with the emergence of new variants. Companies are looking through the challenges towards new business models that provide a plethora of opportunities.

Over the years, Systech has been teaming up with numerous stakeholders and customers to help them cope with the shift in the demand curve. Based on our insights, here are the top 5 organization trends that will supercharge your growth.

Digital transformation is the bread and butter of business

According to Gartner, “Over 60% of organizations aim at accelerating their digital initiatives.” When we monitor their priorities, the majority express the need to pursue operational agility and flexibility more than any other action. This is where technology plays a crucial role in building adaptability; the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and artificial intelligence enables faster adoption of digital transformation.

Systech facilitated the cloud BPM transformation for a multinational beverage alcohol company based out of Europe. Building on its existing framework Systech made the process digitally productive and provided actionable insights. The outcomes led to an automated and structured commercial and financial performance. Further, the business performance metrics when drilled down revealed performance drivers and generated new insights towards productivity.

Human capital is vital

An estimation states that more than 85 million jobs may go vacant globally by 2030 due to a lack of skilled talent. Indeed, the virtualization of work has presented more access to global talent, while talent management calls for a zero-sum game. Organizations need to restructure and start valuing the well-being of employees, which will further attract potential talent. In an impenetrable market, top talent will reward the organizations that ascertain to put employees first.

Systech conducts Bootcamp training programs for freshers to boost their data engineering skills. The program is designed for new joiners to work on actual problem statements and get hands-on experience with relevant data. Our diverse and inclusive hiring strategies aim at the most visionary talent, investing in them and providing access to state-of-art technology and certifications to expand their areas of expertise. The senior pool of talent and leadership panel makes it a point to impart knowledge as the steppingstone towards a multi-faceted experience.

Transparency is the need of this hour

In 2022, organizations focus on designing strategies around their operations that are accessible to their employees, partners, and customers by using open communication procedures for information circulation within the ecosystem.

Technological advancements make it simple to track and control end-to-end processes, providing transparency both internally and externally. Transparency adds to the business advantage, builds a loyal consumer base, leading to a better bottom line.

Systech’s data and analytics solutions provide transparency straight from data ingestion, data cleaning, data governance to bridge the gap in data inconsistencies to generate accurate patterns of insights with the aid of data visualization.

Tech adoption go hand in hand with business efficiency

Businesses need to holistically reinvent their operations to discover the full advantages of digital transformation. They must focus on integrated systems to revolutionize their business models instead of isolated innovations.

The recent example of our Dopplr™ at a leading independent power producer marked the start of a new era for the renewable energy sector. Dopplr™ is transforming solar panel management with an agile and productive approach, which is bringing down the maintenance time of thousands of solar panels and the overall cost of power generation.

Trust and security stimulate sustained transfiguration

As companies expand their cloud footprint to facilitate remote work and streamline customer experiences, they must also evolve their tactics to cybersecurity. Most organizations are unlikely to secure data that traverses from multiple cloud and on-premises environments. Developing security practices for the cloud era also places organizations to deliver substantial business outcomes.

A study by IBM demonstrates that organizations with the most mature cloud security practices outdid their peers by 2x in terms of revenue growth and profitability. It mandates authentication and verification for every exchange of value, which allows companies to open their boundaries more securely. Open and secure cloud networks with end-to-end encryption can create an ethical process that boosts trustworthy collaboration.

Finally, the moment for action

As we dive into 2022, data-related technologies and solutions continue to be the talk of the hour. When implemented strategically, it will allow organizations to become more agile, productive, and dynamic in almost every aspect of their business.

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