Case Study

How a leading alcohol company increased profitability and gained sales performance insights

The Challenge

Modernized data framework to maximize resources

World’s leading beverage and alcohol company’s outdated data & analytics infrastructure was negatively impacting their organization. Specifically, their systems could not accurately and consistently ingest internal and external data in a timely manner and provide timely Analytics & Insights across functions. Further compounding the issue was a lack of unified KPI’s that were consistently understood across the organization, golden customer and product record, a robust data model, and minimal self-service capabilities made it virtually impossible to keep up with increased demand for trusted data and analytics for timely action and decisions. As a result, the organization’s profits began to decrease, while its operational waste increased. If the beverage and alcohol company hoped to sustain its growth, increase profits and outperform their competition, they needed to make immediate changes to their data and analytics technology.

About the Customer 

World’s leading beverage alcohol company, with an outstanding portfolio of premium brands, procured Systech Solution’s services to modernize their data infrastructure. At a global scale, they aim to provide customers with the best prices, selections, and quality.


Analytics Driven Commercials Performance Management

Systech Solutions dramatically improved the beverage and alcohol company’s Commercials business segment, and the tracking of financial performance. Specifically, the solution was equipped with Market Share Analysis Dashboards, Primary Sales Analysis, and Net Revenue Management (NRM) capabilities. This means that they could monitor the company’s relative market share and growth potential, optimize the supply chain management, track promotions performance on sales and market share, and streamline inventory optimization for product availability. The company now benefited from a high visibility into their sales data insights. With a holistic approach to data analysis, they could now navigate their marketing spend, increase their Sales Volume/Revenue, and assess potential risks and opportunities across the market.

The improved data and analytics capabilities helped them identify competitive performance benchmarks, evaluate market coverage and profit contribution of premium brands, determine trade spend effectiveness/optimization recommendations, and track distribution channel performance. Unlike before, the beverage and alcohol company was able to leverage their data for actionable insights to understand unbilled customers across a set of brands and geographies. This bolstered their efforts to improve product distribution and measurably improved sales. Additionally, through tracking key market execution KPIs, they could now also assess trade spend effectiveness measure and improve sales force productivity. Undoubtedly, changes made to the data & analytics infrastructure provided access to streamlined metrics, enabling the organization to execute and exceed their sales objectives.


Advanced analytics increase sales performance

Through the adoption of Systech’s data solutions, the beverage and alcohol company was able to create a data driven culture, with board meetings lead by insights and dashboards. Through these changes, this organization was able to maximize its data for new insights and business opportunities. In turn, they were able to increase their revenue growth and margins, as well as better understand and predict the needs of their customers. Systech was awarded the ‘Most Innovative Team Award’ at the organization‘s India IT Partner meet. This achievement was in honor of their continued success and achievements only made possible by Systech’s data and analytics solutions.