Case Study

Unleashing Big Data Management for Enhanced Efficiency


In response to the persistent challenges of maintaining on-premises servers and grappling with server restarts and deadlocks, the client, a prominent global restaurant enterprise recognized the urgency of redefining their data management strategy. The imperative was to transition toward a scalable, cost-effective, and cloud-based solution to ensure seamless flow of operations. 


Understanding the intricacies of the client’s challenges, Systech engaged in a thorough examination of their existing Informatica BDM system. Leveraging our extensive expertise in data management and cloud solutions, we proposed a strategic shift to AWS Glue, aiming to alleviate the identified pain points. 


A leading player in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry sought an efficient, scalable, and cost-effective data system. In response to the client’s need, we initiated a strategic shift from Informatica BDM to AWS Glue, aiming to establish an optimized and scalable data integration solution. 



Server Maintenance hurdles: 

The recurring monthly server maintenance rituals, coupled with frequent restarts, posed significant hurdles to seamless operations. This periodic disruption often resulted in deadlocks, particularly during prolonged workflow executions. 


Crucial Scalability Demands: 

Confronted with an expanding volume of data-intensive processes, the client grappled with the imperative need for a more scalable operational framework. Efficiently meeting the surging demands of their operations became a pressing concern. 



Responding to the client’s imperative for an advanced and scalable data integration solution within the dynamic fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, the strategic shift from Informatica BDM to AWS Glue unfolded through a meticulously planned process. The journey encompassed several pivotal stages and a thorough strategy to meet the client’s business requisites: 


Understanding Business Imperatives: An in-depth exploration of the client’s operational needs, pinpointing issues related to on-premises server maintenance, server restarts, and deadlocks within the existing Informatica BDM framework. 

Strategizing the Transition: A detailed plan for transition, with focus on pivotal elements such as data migration, workflow adaptation, and the seamless integration of AWS Glue into the client’s operational ecosystem. 

Executing Technical Migration with Precision: Facilitated the migration of workflows from Informatica BDM to AWS Glue, leveraging Python scripts and PySpark to ensure an uninterrupted transition while upholding data consistency and integrity. 

Implementing a Cloud-Centric Solution: Rolled out a cloud-centric AWS Glue solution, delivering scalability and cost-effectiveness. By eliminating the challenges of on-premises server maintenance, this move significantly bolstered operational efficiency. 

Capitalizing on Elastic Pricing: Embraced the elastic pricing model offered by AWS Glue, resulting in noteworthy cost efficiencies. This adaptable pricing structure aligned seamlessly with the client’s needs, providing financial prudence based on actual resource utilization. 

Maintaining Collaborative Client Engagement: Fostered consistent communication and collaboration with the client throughout the transition process. Regular updates and feedback loops ensured that the project remained in sync with client expectations and overarching business objectives. 

Quantifying Operational Impact and Earning Client Praise: By obviating the need for on-premises server maintenance, the team achieved a substantial enhancement in operational efficiency. This underscored satisfaction with positive impact on operations and cost management. 



Operational Optimization: 

By migrating from on-premises server maintenance to AWS Glue, the project successfully streamlined operations, eliminating challenges associated with server restarts and deadlocks. This transformation markedly improved overall operational efficiency. 


Financial Prudence: 

The integration of AWS Glue not only streamlined operations but also contributed to substantial cost savings, thanks to its flexible and cost-effective pricing model. 


Client Recognition: 

The seamless execution of the project earned commendation from our client, as reflected in an appreciation email expressing their satisfaction with the outcome. This positive feedback underscores the project’s success and the client’s contentment with the delivered solutions. 




The integration of AWS Glue not only addressed the client’s current operational demands but strategically positioned them for scalable growth. Leveraging the elastic pricing model of AWS Glue ensured both flexibility and cost-effectiveness. This aligned with the client’s long-term financial goals, solidified client partnership and showcased Systech’s unwavering commitment and reliability, towards the client’s evolving needs. 

In leveraging Systech’s transformative data integration solution, the client emerged as a game-changer in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) space, fostering operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability for sustained success. 

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