Case Study

Unified Data Drives Customer and Cost Benefits for Manufacturing Giant

How a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty paper and engineered products with manufacturing facilities in North America achieved a single, consistent view of business-critical data to enhance customer satisfaction and discover cost savings. 


Consolidation and enhancement of customer and materials data across all plants to uplift data quality and customer experience. 


Implemented an enterprise-wide operational Master Data Management (MDM) System. 


  • Elevated data quality and customer experience by ensuring visibility throughout the customer journey. 
  • Simplified data management, mitigating redundancy across systems. 


A leading specialty paper manufacturer in North America recognized the opportunity to enhance their data management system. The client faced challenges as scattered and duplicated data across their enterprise created a disjointed data landscape, significantly hindering operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The aim was to consolidate and refine this sprawling data to bolster overall data quality and the customer experience. The client partnered with Systech to navigate these challenges, establishing a comprehensive, centralized data management infrastructure. 


The manufacturer faced operational inefficiency, rooted in data quality issues pertaining to customer data and raw material data. This overlap led to delays and errors in order processing and operations, diminishing customer satisfaction and operational fluidity. The absence of a centralized system further impacted their B2B model negatively, disrupting various business operations and obstructing their goal to enhance data quality and achieve personalized customer experiences. 


Systech’s approach was comprehensive and structured: 

Discovery: The inaugural phase involved assessing the business need for MDM, determining organizational readiness, gathering high-level requirements, and selecting Profisee as the optimal technology for the business need due to its robust data handling capabilities. 

Design: During this phase, comprehensive business requirements were gathered, multifaceted architectures developed, and the solution was adeptly deployed with a seamless transition and efficient knowledge transfer. 

Implementation: Systech implemented an operational Master Data Management (MDM) system, centralizing customer, and raw material data from multiple plants with SAP systems across the enterprise. Various technologies were used for seamless data migration and enhanced data quality, centralizing, and refining the manufacturer’s data landscape and setting the stage for future automation and insights. Technologies involved include SAP S4 Hana, Optivision (R600), Honeywell, Azure SQL Server, Profisee GRM, SSIS, and Profisee analytics. 

  • De-Duplication: Addressed 15% customer and 16% material data duplication, aiming for enhanced order accuracy and operational efficiency. 
  • Data Enrichment: Standardized and enriched customer data via third-party validation, ensuring consistent and reliable contact information. 
  • Material Management: Eradicated duplicate raw material data to refine material management, targeting improved operations. 
  • User Effort: Decreased user data management effort with the MDM solution, allowing resource redirection to essential tasks. 


The MDM solution’s integration with SAP systems led to significant advancements:   

  • Mastered data immediately upon onboarding through continuous matching and survivorship. 
  • Uninterrupted data integration from MDM to push tables through SSIS packages. 
  • Automated distribution of customer details for daily summaries and sanctions. 
  • Real-time publishing of MDM data and tables for anytime access. 
  • Optimized data management in MDM using a consolidated Profisee Hub. 
  • The enablement of a DQ dashboard, metrics, and analytics using Profisee.
  • Improved address standardization and validation with Google Address Verification. 


Beyond addressing the immediate issues, the MDM implementation emerged as a value-add service for the manufacturer, playing a crucial role in ensuring data quality and consistency and optimizing the manufacturer’s SAP environments and overall business processes. 


Through collaboration with Systech, the manufacturer conquered data management hurdles with a robust MDM solution that eradicated data duplication, enriched, and standardized data, and refined material management, while integrating with existing SAP systems. The results include streamlined operations, boosted customer satisfaction, and reduced operational effort, underscoring the impactful transformation through adept data management. Systech’s ongoing support ensures the manufacturer’s enduring success and stability in data analytics, bolstering their industry standing and future expansion. 

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