Case Study

Strengthening Business Intelligence Insights for Logistics Precision

How a leading supply chain and logistics solutions provider harnessed the power of data to amplify business intelligence insights. 


Enhance the data management processes and optimizing the Business Intelligence (BI) reporting system. 


Implementation of proprietary pre-built data connectors, using Azure Data Factory (ADF) and Snowflake, to create a bespoke data ecosystem. 


A prominent supply chain and logistics solutions provider encountered obstacles with its current Business Intelligence system. Seeking to enhance operational efficiency, the organization aimed to optimize its data management processes and elevate the performance of its BI reporting system. By partnering with Systech, the client leveraged Azure Data Factory (ADF) and Snowflake, to implement a proprietary pre-built data connector, to create a resilient and scalable data ecosystem. 


The client faced several challenges in managing and extracting value from their data.  

  • Semantic Change: The continuous evolution in the structure of the data source required constant manual intervention to ensure accurate extraction and interpretation. 
  • Time to Market: Manual fixes in the data integration process led to downtime in BI analytics & insights, impacting the organization’s ability to make timely decisions. 
  • Performance: Data integration processes were running for extended periods, sometimes exceeding 4 hours, affecting overall system efficiency. 
  • Scalability: With data volumes rapidly increasing, the existing infrastructure struggled to scale and accommodate the growing demands. 


Systech proposed a comprehensive solution leveraging advanced technologies and best practices in data management. 

  • Utilized proprietary pre-built data connectors for seamless adaptation to any alterations in the source structure. 
  • Employed Azure Data Factory (ADF) and Snowflake to enable a schema-less read, facilitating automatic adjustments to evolving data semantics. 
  • Implemented a server-less architecture, enabling automatic resizing based on workload. This reduced manual intervention and eliminated downtime in BI analytics & insights. 
  • Achieved optimal throughput on Snowflake computation by implementing Push Down Data integration, significantly reducing the runtime of data integration processes. 
  • Leveraged a combination of data lake and Snowflake storage to accommodate rapidly growing data volumes, ensuring scalability without compromising performance. 


The successful implementation of Systech’s solution had a profound impact on the client’s operations, yielding a range of positive outcomes: 

Continuous availability of BI analytics & insights: 

The solution ensured that BI analytics & insights were accessible around the clock, providing the client with uninterrupted insights for timely decision-making. 

Substantial reduction in manual efforts: 

By streamlining processes and automating manual tasks, the implementation significantly decreased the need for manual effort, freeing up nearly 40 hours of manual efforts for more strategic endeavours. 

Drastic decrease in Data integration runtimes: 

The optimization of data integration processes led to a remarkable reduction in runtime from 6 hours to less than 1 hour, enhancing the efficiency of data processing within the system. 

Single source of truth for downstream applications: 

The solution solidified the data lake’s role as the singular and authoritative source of truth for downstream applications, ensuring consistency and reliability across the organization. 

Mitigated burden on source systems: 

With the successful implementation, the strain on source systems was significantly reduced, enhancing their overall performance and extending their operational lifespan. 

Reduced maintenance efforts and costs: 

The introduction of a server-less architecture not only reduced the maintenance efforts required but also contributed to cost savings, optimizing the overall operational budget. 


Systech’s data optimization solution resulted in heightened operational efficiency and a tailored, resilient data ecosystem with hours of monthly manual efforts saved. The strategic partnership impact, coupled with enhanced data processing efficiency, established consistency, extended source system lifespan, and delivered a cost-effective, value-driven resolution with no additional expenses. 

Systech’s prebuilt connectors efficiently tackled time-to-market challenges, resolving all data issues without imposing any additional financial burden on the client. By bolstering the client’s data management capabilities, Systech remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering innovative, value-driven solutions. 

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