Case Study

Revolutionizing Precision Health with Advanced Data Insights

The client is a prominent player in the disruptive medicine industry, specializing in precision health platforms that leverage cutting-edge AI/ML technology and medical science. Their revolutionary healthcare solutions aim to provide personalized guidance and treatment plans based on deep insights into the metabolic profiles of patients. 


Business Need: Unlocking the Power of Data for Precision Health 
Extracting, Analyzing, and Processing Data for Deeper Insights 

 The client sought an exhaustive analytics and insights system capable of extracting data from diverse sources, including unorganized data and IoT devices. Their goal was to analyze and process this data to gain deeper insights into the metabolic profiles of patients. By harnessing the power of advanced AI and ML algorithms, the client aimed to revolutionize precision health and reverse chronic lifestyle disorders. 


Business Context: Precision Treatment through Real-time Analysis 
Capturing Daily Health Signals for Personalized Guidance 

 The client’s advanced application system captures daily health signals from patients through non-invasive and medically safe sensors, enabling real-time analysis. This data is utilized to provide precise guidance in healing the metabolism and reversing chronic lifestyle disorders. The client’s comprehensive treatment approach covers personalized recommendations for nutrition, activity, sleep, and breathing, conveniently accessible through a user-friendly app. 

The Challenge: Streamlining Data for Effective Insights 
 Overcoming Data Complexity and Lack of Harmonization 

 The primary challenge faced by the client was streamlining the vast volumes of unstructured records collected from diverse sources. Raw data contained in flat files had to be carefully analyzed, filtered, and processed to extract relevant fields for valuable insights. The lack of data harmonization and tedious collection processes made it difficult to obtain a holistic viewpoint and hindered the development of effective treatment plans. 


The Solution: Empowering Data Insights with Modern Infrastructure 
 Building a Scalable analytics and insights solution with Advanced Data Framework 

To overcome these challenges, the client partnered with Systech to implement a modern data framework and cloud infrastructure. This infrastructure supported the increasing volume and complexity of the input data, enabling the creation of a 360-degree view for advanced data insights. The solution involved building a scalable reporting system and optimizing the data organization process. 

Harnessing the Power of Snowflake, DBT, and Tableau 

The first step was to implement a data load process in Snowflake using DBT (Data Build Tool). This allowed for efficient extraction of relevant data from flat files through SQL queries. The subsequent automation of the process streamlined the loading of monthly files received from stakeholders. Finally, customized analytics and insights dashboards were created using Tableau, providing valuable insights for decision-making and strategic planning. 

Business Impact: Precision and Efficiency in Health Analysis 
Unlocking the Power of Streamlined Data Curation 

The adoption of a streamlined data curation approach had a significant impact on the client’s precision health criteria analysis. By optimizing data organization and removing extraneous information, the focus shifted to the precise data needed for evaluating patient profiles and formulating effective treatment plans. Complex data sets could now be processed with greater ease and efficiency, enabling quicker and more accurate data analysis. 

Advanced Data Filtering and Improved Efficiency 

Swift Identification and Removal of Redundant Data Files 

The implementation of advanced data filtering techniques facilitated the seamless identification and removal of redundant data files. This streamlined the process of sifting through relevant fields, resulting in a more nimble and precise data analysis process. The client could now navigate through overwhelming volumes of data with ease and confidence. 

Empowering Marketing Initiatives with Consolidated Insights 

Driving Data-Driven Decision-making and Strategy Formulation 

The enhanced data infrastructure paved the way for integrated marketing initiatives. By consolidating data from various sales campaigns into a unified marketing dashboard, the client gained a panoramic view of lead generation and conversion. Deeper insights derived from the marketing dashboard empowered data-driven decisions and strategy formulation, fostering innovation, and propelling growth in research and marketing endeavors. 

Results: Transforming Precision Health and Marketing 
Accurate Analysis, Insightful Decisions, and Extended Reach 

With Systech’s advanced data framework, the client achieved higher accuracy and efficiency in data curation, analysis, and insights. The marketing dashboard provided comprehensive insights into lead generation and conversion, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic planning. These advancements positioned the client at the forefront of the precision health industry, extending their reach, fostering innovation, and driving growth in research and marketing endeavors.