On-Demand Analytics System taps into user interaction data to enhance user experiences and maximize revenue generation

The client is a leading media and entertainment conglomerate with global streaming and multi-channel online presence. 


The client aimed to harness the vast amount of data generated by user interactions on their websites to improve user experiences and maximize revenue. They had been capturing viewership data from various channels which scaled about 50 to 100 million records daily. They were on the lookout for a solution that could aggregate the data for business insights. 


The substantial volume of viewership data made it a formidable challenge to efficiently process and analyse this data generated by their digital properties. This dataset comprised a wide array of user actions, device types, browser preferences, and other variables, resulting in millions of records each month. The primary objective was to convert this raw data into immediate and actionable insights. 



To address the client’s challenge, Systech devised a comprehensive system of dashboards. These dashboards would address: 


Data Collection: Systematically gather and store raw user interaction data in AWS S3 on an hourly basis, thereby creating a centralized repository. 

Data Processing: Leveraging Databricks for data processing, including filtering, transformation, and aggregation of data. 

Data Repository: Processed data was stored within AWS Redshift, ensuring swift query and insights & analytics capabilities. 

Data Visualization: Seamless integration of Looker with Redshift offered stakeholders a user-friendly interface to interact with and visualize real-time data. 

The development of the initial dashboard version was accomplished within a week. By the following week, the system was stabilized, ushering in a continuous flow of invaluable insights. 


 Elevated Real-time Insights: Equipped with the capability to continuously monitor user engagement in real time, the client attained agility in swiftly adapting to the shifting dynamics of user behaviours and preferences. 

 Informed Data-Driven Decision-Making: Detailed insights into user behaviour served as the cornerstone for the client’s strategic decision-making process. This encompassed critical choices regarding website content, layout, and the strategic placement of advertisements, culminating in an unparalleled enhancement of user experiences. 

 Augmented Revenue Streams: The identification of peak user engagement periods allowed our client to optimize the positioning of advertisements, leading to a upsurge in revenue generation. 

 Refined User Experiences: The fusion of user feedback with website enhancements was bolstered by an in-depth understanding of user interactions, refining user experiences. 


 The dashboard system led to a transformative impact on the client’s operations: 

  • Quick adaptability to changing user behaviors.
  • Strategic content and ad placement due to insights on peak engagement periods.
  • Enhanced synergy between user feedback and website improvements.