Case Study

Modernised Data Warehouse delivers speed to value for leading manufacturing conglomerate

Leading manufacturer of children’s toys and consumer goods, servicing thousands of customers, and stores worldwide. 


The client wanted a centralized data warehouse set-up that could foster data storage, governance and security. They needed enhanced cross-business unit visibility to facilitate informed decision-making. 


A sturdy foundation is key to long-term success

The organization lacked a centralized data system that could integrate data from all the business sources. They relied heavily on manual sheets to generate and evaluate insights & analytics across all business segments. The business users would extract information from individual reports and cross-reference it to each division. This placed data accuracy at risk and increased effort in terms of cost and time. The client needed a robust infrastructure that could scale on demand while providing visibility of the flow of data across business units. The client desperately needed to expedite their operations to boost their customer retention and scale their future prospects. 


The Tactical Roadmap 

  • Development of a centralized analytics and insights platform, enabling self-service analytics. 
  • Automation of the daily insights & analytics, communicated to the entire organization. 
  • Transition to a new platform, conducive to agility, scalability, and self-service capabilities. 
  • Elimination of Manual transformation and calculated fields by business 
  • Availability of historical data for business users in real-time. 
  • Availability of ad-hoc analytics and insights based on multiple other data points.


Creation of a Centralized, Scalable Data Warehouse Integral to Gaining a Competitive Edge 


Assessing the priorities of the client, Systech started with the creation of an enterprise data warehouse. With the centralized data repository, visibility of data across business units were clear for business users to support customer success initiatives.  

This ability to generate insights & analytics proved invaluable, as every account manager could now track order information at various intersections of customer, buyer, and department. This allowed them to accurately log, evaluate, and access data, as well as filter their searches by “Confidence factor”, “Date of order request”, “Estimated time of delivery” (ETD), and “Sticker requirements” (Purchasing).  

Equipped with the new data infrastructure, the leader in consumer goods could bring marketing data from various business segments to the organization’s internal data repository. Business users could now generate highly accurate, data-driven insights in near real-time. This helped the organization save time and money on additional expenses and maintenance. This onslaught of analytics options offered agility, facilitating short, time-boxed iterations with only minor enhancement necessary over time. 


Trust fostered by delivery, Reliability, and Consistency 

Systech’s implemented solution enabled account managers to insights & analytics the status of an order to their customer with accuracy and consistency in near-real time. It also allowed them to better prepare for influxes of inventory, surges of demand, identify its step within operational timelines, and even geo-locate the exact coordinates of the shipment. Products being outsourced to Asia could now be accounted for in a way that was significant to the customer and manager, where turn arounds had historically varied greatly. This increased dialogue between manager and customer grew significantly, helping to support continued business and stronger client relations. Not only was this critical for driving customer loyalty with its members, but also empowered the organization to deliver on business performance objectives and growth initiatives. Within a month, Systech was able to set the client up for data excellence and monetary advantage. 


Automated analytics and insights Made Possible through adoption of a Modernized Data Framework 

In choosing a partner with a long history of migration and modernization success, the client focused on their two main concerns: price for performance as well as speed to market.  

Systech was able to demonstrate the momentous and powerful benefits of a revamped data infrastructure. Systech was successful in accomplishing their data and analytic initiatives 2x faster for 2x lower cost than most providers in a matter of one month. Through the employment of their services, they were able to modernize and improve the client’s current data warehouse environment, as well as set them up for a future of unfettered success and praise.  

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