Integrating Microsoft fabric into your IT ecosystem

Written By: Pavithra Desikan, Ayush Nigam, Cyril Kumar Selvaraj 

What does it take for modern-day enterprises to retain their market dominance? With constant market disruptions and evolving consumer preferences, staying ahead requires more than legacy approaches. Organizations generate oceans of data every day. But processing them is particularly challenging. From data silos to outdated systems, accessing information in real-time becomes a daunting task, which slows down the pace of decision-making, making it complex and expensive. 

Integrating multiple vendor solutions often fragments modern data structures, impeding the flow of information and draining organizational resources in terms of time and productivity. At every stage of the data ecosystem – from sourcing to extraction, storage, transformation, and reporting – decisions must be made regarding cloud providers, governance, methodologies, cost structures, security measures, and sustainability.  Business leaders face challenges consolidating disparate data sources, mitigating security risks, enhancing agility, and delivering value, all while keeping a tight rein on expenditures. 

Enter Microsoft fabric, a comprehensive analytics solution that integrates various data operations, like data movement, data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence into a single framework. Collaboration is easier and making real-time, data-driven business decisions is simplified, and unified storage (OneLake) where information is available to everyone. Systech, a trusted Microsoft partner with deep Azure expertise, optimizes data management through tailored Microsoft Fabric solutions, seamlessly integrating with existing Microsoft tools. With organizational data under one umbrella, built-in governance and organization-wide guidelines, data professionals can easily run comprehensive calculations and report findings all in one platform. 

Simplified data management 

With vast amounts of information being used within organizations each day, data lakes are essential. Microsoft’s OneLake is a built-in software-as-a-service (SaaS), multi-cloud data lake that prevents data duplication and silos. Having only one version of data makes collaboration among users easier and more accurate.  

Tailored user experience 

Microsoft Fabric operates an inclusive design for different user personas, including data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists. With these personas, you get a tailored user experience when working with Fabric. 

Real-Time decisions 

Microsoft Fabric’s ability to efficiently stream structured and semi-structured data within the same ecosystem is unique. Users can now access Direct lake mode using AI-driven Power BI, which provides real-time access to data while maintaining performance. 

Data categorization 

Microsoft Fabric’s data mesh architecture helps organize data into domains, makes it easier for consumers to filter and find content based on specific categories. Additionally, each domain has more control over their own data rules and restrictions, enabling streamlined utilization and granular control. 

Data Security and Compliance 

Microsoft Fabric leverages Azure’s security protocols for data protection at all stages. With seamless integration into the broader Microsoft ecosystem, businesses can effortlessly incorporate Fabric with existing tools like Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Office 365, and Azure, streamlining operations and maximizing technological investments.  

One of Systech’s recent milestones was a statistical analysis and hypothesis validation for a  

Major client in the chemical industry, which gained significant benefits from the transformative benefits of Microsoft Fabric. Quoting Cyril Selvaraj, one of the architects on the project, ”Microsoft Fabric transformed the client system. This isn’t just about data – it is about real results. Microsoft Fabric and Systech’s expertise in predictive analytics together established a robust data pipeline, that cleansed, curated, and processed the data for an in-depth statistical analysis. By identifying critical variables and aligning the findings through hypothesis testing, we were able to deliver valuable insights to our client.” 

With numerous benefits for organizations looking to build and manage modern applications, Microsoft Fabric represents a transformative shift. With a sturdy partner like Systech, Microsoft Fabric can turn the tide on data challenges, empowering organizations to stay agile and ahead in the digital race. 

Turn your data challenges to opportunities right away. Connect today to streamline your data implementation. 

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