Case Study

Leveraging Customer Segmentation for Targeted Marketing

How a prominent Asset Management firm optimized targeted marketing by implementing clustering algorithms for customer segmentation. 


To understand customer behaviour and interactions, create actionable customer segments and enhance targeted marketing and promotional efforts.  


A seamless cloud transition leveraging Azure cloud integration, enhanced data accessibility, accelerated innovation through Databricks and a robust AI/ML framework with advanced clustering algorithms to refine targeted marketing strategies. 


The asset management company sought to enhance its marketing strategy by understanding customer behaviour through effective segmentation. Recognizing the need for a data-driven approach, they collaborated with Systech to implement a comprehensive solution. 


The challenge was to derive meaningful insights from diverse data sources, including point-of-sale systems and promotions management systems. Additionally, the company aimed to simplify infrastructure management while ensuring the accuracy of data for machine learning applications. 


  • Azure Cloud Integration: Transitioning to the Azure cloud, enhancing scalability, and providing efficient access to diverse data sources. This integration facilitated a seamless environment for subsequent data analytics and clustering processes. 
  • Databricks Operationalization: Operationalizing Databricks to facilitate efficient processing of large datasets and accelerate the development of data-driven customer segmentation models. This provided a collaborative environment for data scientists, allowing them to iterate and innovate rapidly. 
  • AI/ML Framework Development: Developing comprehensive AI/ML frameworks, ensuring the reliability of model training and hypothesis testing. These frameworks streamlined the deployment of machine learning models, allowing data science teams to work with complete and accurate data for testing and refinement. 
  • Hypothesis Testing: Rigorous hypothesis testing to validate the effectiveness of the clustering algorithms in understanding customer behavior and agent interactions. This ensured the accuracy and reliability of the derived customer segments and contributed to the overall robustness of the marketing strategy. 
  • Clustering Techniques: State-of-the-art clustering techniques, like K-Means for general-purpose clustering, Partition Around Medoids (PAM) for robustness, and Clustering of Large Applications (CLARA) for handling large datasets. These algorithms allowed the company to uncover patterns within the data and group customers based on similar characteristics. 


  • In-Depth Customer Insights: Implementing and analyzing advanced clustering algorithms provided the client with deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences. This laid the foundation for more targeted and effective marketing strategies. 
  • Resource Allocation: Strategic prioritization based on customer segmentation allowed the company to allocate resources more efficiently. Focusing efforts on high-priority customer segments maximized the impact of its marketing activities and optimized the utilization of its budget. 
  • Personalized Campaigns: The derived customer segments enabled tailored marketing campaigns to specific groups with similar characteristics. This enhanced the relevance of marketing messages, leading to increased engagement and response rates. 
  • Competitive Edge: Optimizing budget utilization and prioritizing customer segments provided the client with a competitive edge. By staying ahead in understanding and catering to customer needs, the client outpaced its rivals in the dynamic market landscape. 


Systech’s intervention provided added value in several key aspects: 

  • Bespoke Solutions: Tailored solutions that precisely meets the unique demands of the business. 
  • Scalability Assurance: Seamlessly integrated solutions into the Azure environment, ensuring scalability and adaptability to future needs. 
  • Cross-Functional Expertise: A skilled team that not only understood the business intricacies but also possessed the technical prowess to bring innovative solutions to life. 
  • Enhanced Data Processes: A steady supply of complete and accurate data, which was crucial for the success of model training and machine learning use cases. 

By strategically leveraging Azure cloud integration and advanced clustering algorithms, Systech not only addressed the business challenge but also delivered comprehensive solutions that significantly impacted the client’s marketing strategies and overall business performance. The added value brought about by tailored solutions and strategic recommendations showcased the success of this transformative initiative. 

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