AWS AI/ML Immersion Day

Online Webinar

Systech's AWS Immersion Day Workshop is a free, half-day event delivered by our AI/ML team alongside AWS solution architects. During this workshop, attendees will gain hands-on experience with a real world industry AI/ML use case on top of the AWS cloud platform. This event is ideal for technical leaders, IT professionals and developers who are […]

Real-time data insights in natural-language narratives: Make your data explain itself

Online Webinar

Take fast data-driven action for better decision making Systech Solutions is proud to announce an upcoming showcase with our partner, ARRIA NLG on April 28th at 8am PT/11am ET. This webinar showcases an ARRIA NLG and Machine Learning (ML) powered application to help enterprises both optimize current processes, streamline efficiency and predict future SLA breaches. […]

Fast and effortless migration from SQL Server to Yellowbrick

Online Webinar

Discover how upgrading from SQL Server to Yellowbrick unlocks a competitive advantage with 100X performance at a fraction of the cost. However, migrating the whole data and analytics environment from SQL Server can present several challenges. With Systech’s proven migration methodology along with its purpose-built tools and utilities, organizations can simplify and accelerate migration in […]

Achieving Real-time Analytics for Insurance

Online Webinar

Discover a data and analytics platform designed for scale, speed, and hybrid cloud Join us to learn about a data warehouse that addresses the complexities and speed the insurance industry requires. With Yellowbrick, build a real-time, standards-based analytics platform that leverages existing tools, models, and investments in both public and private clouds. At this interactive […]

Transforming insurance services with real-time analytics

Duration: 60 minutes In the insurance industry, having the ability to access vast data volumes in real-time can solve for slow or inaccurate underwriting, outdated risk models, and fragmented customer records. It also enables new opportunities, such as targeted rate classes and expansion into new markets. Unlocking the full value of data demands a modern […]