Case Study

Empowering Independent Pharmacies Through Data Modernization

A cooperative of independent pharmacies with groundbreaking programs to unite independent pharmacies under one roof, while bolstering profitability. 


The client sought to enhance member engagement and business performance. They were actively seeking to transform their data infrastructure, implement pricing optimization as part of this initiative. 


The cooperative faced several challenges with its existing analytics and insights system and outdated data warehouse environment. The inability to quickly access and analyze a broad range of internal and third-party data hindered engagement with members and impeded business performance objectives. The primary need was to develop a cost-effective, near-real-time analytics and insights system that could address existing analytics and insights challenges and support decision-making processes. 


Systech launched a tailored solution that met the clients’ unique requirements, achieving the following objectives: 

  • Instantiate a Microsoft Azure environment 
  • Develop a net new enterprise Data Warehouse 
  • Move to an analytics-driven data warehouse architecture 
  • Implement a new data integration framework 
  • Automate data integration processes 
  • Build customized insights & analytics

The solution emphasized innovation, focusing on more sophisticated pricing analysis, pricing optimization, and lead generation for new business teams. The centralized Data Warehouse fostered a future of modernization, making available broader data usage to the entire organization and better preparing teams for conversations with usage statistics and item lists. 

Furthermore, Systech addressed the cooperative’s need for a flexible analytics and insights system, providing an ad hoc analytics and insights system that met specific needs and enabled further data access for the organization. 


The project delivered remarkable business impact for the cooperative and its member pharmacies: 

Enhanced Member Support: Enabled the account management team to be more agile, improving conversations, growing, and changing business, and increasing member rebates. 

Increased Contract Compliance: Improved profitability for member pharmacies, driving increased admin fee revenue and capital investments in expanded business services and capabilities. 

Data Accessibility: Executives and account managers gained real-time access to company-wide data, empowering better decision-making. 

Enhanced Business Processes  

Systech’s framework and dashboard ability enhanced multiple business units: 

  • Executives: Enabled understanding of performance against plans and the associated impacts. 
  • Account/Member Management: Systech’s analytics and insights strategy and data changes resulted in better governance, contract compliance, robust rebate, and pricing optimization techniques. The shared wallet was a standout achievement, well-received by members, and led to overall business performance improvements for finance and sales teams, clearer coaching, and better account and member management. 
  • Operations: Vendor management capabilities were enhanced for support functions. 


The Data Warehouse Modernization project achieved its objectives and provided numerous benefits to the cooperative, including increased agility, better conversations with members, improved numbers and rebates, increased contract compliance, and enhanced business processes. Systech’s solution’s measurable outcomes and impacts included quality, productivity, and employee engagement, highlighting the importance of modernizing data infrastructure for business growth.