Case Study

Driving operational efficiency through retail analytics


In the fiercely competitive sports goods retail market, where data-driven decision making is key to gaining a competitive edge, our client—a prominent player in this industry—realized the imperative to enhance the efficiency of their data warehouse and analytics system. 


With a strategic focus to align the technical enhancement with the business objectives, Systech came up with a modern data analytics system to manage data and derive actionable insights to directly influence business strategies in areas like marketing, supply chain management, and customer relationship management. 


Beyond a technical upgrade, the collaboration reflected a strategic effort to align analytics with market trends, customer preferences, and operational efficiency. The initiative aimed at modernizing analytics by introducing a robust data framework to streamline reporting processes, enhance data insights, and effectively address business challenges. 


The client’s struggle with an outdated analytics system was symptomatic of a larger issue – the inability to quickly respond to market changes and customer needs. This was hampering their competitive positioning in a dynamic market. 


The modern data framework entailed a comprehensive analysis to design a robust enterprise data strategy. It was not just about handling data efficiently; it was about turning data into market intelligence.  

Data Infrastructure Setup: The team installed and configured Apache Airflow, ensuring seamless data orchestration for enhanced efficiency. And configured PowerBI to optimize reporting capabilities and elevate data visualization. 

Python Framework for data curation: Along with the PowerBI refreshes, the client could visualize market trends and understand customer behaviour in real-time. 

Data Pipeline Construction: By establishing a resilient data pipeline architecture, the team incorporated dedicated staging and EDW layers for streamlined data processing. 

Empowering Insights & Analytics: The migration of existing reports to PowerBI, coupled with the creation of new insights, improved analytics capabilities across diverse domains. Additionally, specialized consignment analysis insights addressed the shipment related challenges. 

Consignment Pipeline Build: A targeted solution addressed shipping challenges, leveraging a customized PowerBI dashboard. 

Customer Data Portal: Customer MDM (Master Data Management) system ensured unique customer identification. 

Alerts Automation: for production status emails were implemented, enhancing the monitoring of data pipelines and refreshed analytics & insights. 

Performance Tuning:  Through optimized Oracle SQLs, the team was able to address performance issues associated with substantial data volumes. 

Business Analytics Development & Support: Through enhancements, and PowerBI insights, the clients were able to align with evolving business requirements. The development team also created additional SplashBI reports, expanding the suite of comprehensive analytics tools. 

This multi-faceted solution process encompassed meticulous design, infrastructure setup, and tailored developments to enhance data management, reporting efficiency, and overall analytics capabilities for the client. 


The implementation of this modern data framework and analytics system was a turning point for the client. It was not just an improvement in data handling; it was a transformation in how the client viewed and used data for strategic decision-making. The system enabled them to be more agile, responsive to market trends, and customer-centric. Armed with crucial analytics, they could now make informed decisions, proactively identify and resolve challenges to enhance operational efficiencies and strategic capabilities. 


Surpassing operational efficiency, the initiative empowered them to harness data as a strategic asset. With enhanced analytics capabilities, the client gained the ability to foresee market trends, attain profound insights into customer preferences, and make strategic decisions. This not only facilitated growth but also fortified their market position, providing a substantial competitive advantage. 

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