Function-packed to handle all your data needs 

The Doppler Toolkit

Data Engineering

Easily integrate relevant data from your existing tools for an enhanced experience, and more effective results.

BI & Analytics

Give everyone in your company a consistent and reliable picture of what is happening in the business.

Insights & Apps

Supercharge your analytics with Dopplr’s native AI / ML engine to elevate your business insights.

Data Engineering & Management

Build a single source of truth

Integrate data across your apps and tools, without changing source data, to create one, unified view for all users in the Enterprise Catalog.

DevOps for everyone

Empower anyone to take control of their projects from start to finish, with individual user workspaces and graphical workflow editing tools that make managing the lifecycle easy and accessible.

Automate your data pipelines

Use Dopplr’s customizable scheduling assistant to automate labor-intensive BI tasks and spend more time on your business.

Doppler - Workflow Editor

BI & Analytics

Doppler - Visualization
Built for Data Exploration & Experimentation

Combine self-service Analytics functionality and rapid deployment to create the ultimate testing ground for new ideas.

Analyze and Visualize

Create dashboards and reports, within the Storyboard module, to serve results instantly to any device or user to make better decisions.

Collaborate inside and outside of your business

Break down data silos and share insights across your organization, as well as with partners and customers in the Services module.

Insights & Applications

Integrate Machine Learning & AI into your Workflows

Imbue intelligence directly into your business operations and analytics workflows with a powerful machine learning engine and Auto ML models to accelerate the process.

Extend the value of your data through intelligent apps

Create your own custom data and BI-driven applications and models and share them with others on your team, department or organization.

Build with security in mind

Have the confidence that your data is secure with a well-defined security architecture and compliance practices.

Doppler - Enterprise Data Catalog

Built on the Cloud Provider of Your Choice

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
Microsoft Azure

Expert Teams to Help,

Every Step of the Journey

Meet your Doppler™ PRO “Squad” – a dedicated team of solution architects, engineers, analysts, data scientists, developers and project managers, available 24/7/365 to proactively help you manage your data infrastructure and ensure your analytics pipelines are working in excellent condition.


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