Case Study

Conquering master data management for better customer insights and interactions

How a manufacturing giant achieved a single, consistent view of business-critical data to enhance customer satisfaction and discover cost savings. 

Who we worked with:

The largest and fastest-growing manufacturer of specialty paper in North America. 

What the customer needed: 

The client needed a solution that would consolidate customers and raw materials data from all plants across the enterprise and improve data quality and customer experience.  

What Systech delivered: 

Systech established a centralized data environment across the enterprise via an operational Master Data Management (“MDM”) System. 

How the Systech’s solution helped: 
  • Improved data quality and customer experience, through increased visibility to an end-to-end customer journey. 
  • Reduced the tedious, redundant nature of managing information and data across multiple systems. 
Conquering MDM
Eliminating Silos and Enhancing Data Organization: Strategies for Meeting Customer Needs and Improving Business Outcomes 

The client faced challenges in managing customer and raw material data due to a lack of centralized system, which impacted their business operations such as Sales Planning, Operations Planning, Production Planning, Procurement, Order Management, Shipping, Quality, Manufacturing, and Finance. This lack of data visibility also had negative implications for their B2B model, where they purchase raw materials, manufacture products, and sell finished goods to companies. The enterprise also wanted to   improve the quality of their data and achieve personalized customer experiences, but their existing infrastructure wasn’t in any shape to accommodate that.  

To address these issues, the client hired Systech to implement a data management system that would consolidate data across multiple plants, allowing for better data comparison and regulation.  


Effective Data Management: The Path to Actionable Insights and Monetary Returns 

 Systech offered a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to defining, implementing, and supporting Master Data Management (MDM) implementation. They combined technology expertise and subject matter knowledge with a top-notch methodology and project management capabilities to ensure timely completion of MDM projects. The solution focused on providing business value to all MDM stakeholders and helping clients achieve their customer experience goals. 

The process included: 

Discovery: Assessing the business need for MDM, determining organizational readiness, gathering high-level requirements, developing solution architecture options, and evaluating and selecting the best of breed technology for the business need. 

Design: Gathering detailed business requirements, developing detailed logical, data & technical architecture, configuring infrastructure and MDM systems, and designing and deploying the solution, with transition and knowledge transfer. Systech chose to use Profisee as the MDM system, due to its ability to handle large amounts of data and successful implementation history. 

Implementation: Centralizing customer and raw material data from all plants across the enterprise by implementing an MDM system using Profisee and various technologies such as SAP S4 Hana, Optivision (R600), Honeywell, Azure SQL Server, Profisee GRM, SSIS, and Profisee Reporting. This helped to migrate data into an MDM hub, improve data quality, and lay the foundation for future automation and insights.  


Upon completion of the data management initiative, the client experienced the following benefits:  

  • Data is mastered as soon as it is onboarded through continuous matching and survivorship. 
  • Data integration from MDM to push tables is facilitated through SSIS packages. 
  • The automation of the customer detail delivery process for sanctions monitoring and data processing summaries, distributed daily. 
  • Real-time publishing of MDM data and tables through the interfacing of applications for easy access at any time. 
  • Ease of managing data in MDM through a consolidated MDM Hub, using Profisee forms and web portals. 
  • The enablement of a DQ dashboard, metrics, and reports using Profisee. 
  • The streamlined standardization, improved quality, and increased validation of customer addresses made possible through the implementation of Google Address Verification. 
  • The enterprise-wide data scrub resulted in higher data quality, leading to reduced waste and increased performance, and personalized customer experiences. 

Building Strong, Long-Term Client Relationships: A Key to Business Success 

 Systech successfully implemented an infrastructure that facilitated the onboarding of customers and raw materials, monitoring of customer sanctions, reduction of data redundancy, and improved management of factories. This led to improved data quality and customer experience, through increased visibility provided by an end-to-end MDM system. The adoption of a centralized system for managing data sets the client on a path for long-term success and industry recognition. Systech continues to support the client in their data analytic endeavors and will continue to do so in the future. 

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