Case Study

Augmenting Order transparency for Manufacturing insights


The need for real-time insights, streamlined workflows, and enhanced operational visibility prompted the client, a distinguished manufacturer of windows and doors, to seek a transformative solution. 

As a longstanding contributor in both residential and commercial domains, the client’s commitment to innovation and community transformation sets a high standard. However, the existing intricacies in their operations, order tracking and manufacturing processes necessitated a strategic shift. 

The client found themselves at a crossroads, recognizing the need for a solution that could offer not just real-time insights but also bring cohesion to their workflows. The aspiration was to enhance operational visibility, ensuring a seamless flow from order placement to the manufacturing floor, and subsequently, order delivery and after-sales service. 


Elevating Operational Dynamics Crafting the Future of Manufacturing 

Beyond meeting the immediate needs, Systech’s engagement was about co-creating a transformative solution. Through a strategic fusion of microservices and intelligent data modeling, Systech crafted a bespoke solution that leveraged Azure’s robust capabilities to unify disparate data sources, while bringing in information crucial for decision-making. 


A Digital facelift for Order Management 

The heart of the project aimed to revolutionize the client’s order lifecycle, from placement to delivery. Systech’s solution was not just a patch-up; it was a meticulously tailored architecture, embracing microservices and intelligent data modeling to bring flexibility and scalability to the forefront, all while ensuring impeccable data management. 


Harmonizing Diversity for Seamless Operations 

The challenges at hand involved persistent order delays and a lack of real-time tracking capabilities. The client’s previous manual processes, fragmented data sources, and scattered environments in manufacturing plants posed significant hurdles. The quest for real-time insights was hindered by the inability to seamlessly connect different systems and databases. The absence of an existing data solution necessitated a holistic approach to eliminate manual efforts and revolutionize the order management landscape. 


Digital Transformation with Precision architecture 

Systech meticulously crafted a detailed data model designed to capture and organize a myriad of order-related information. This model, a linchpin for data integrity, comprehensively covered various order states, manufacturing stages, and historical records. 

This began the design of robust and scalable architecture. Adopting a microservices approach for enhanced flexibility ensured seamless integration, independent development, and scalability of individual components. This laid the groundwork for a solution poised for both immediate challenges and future advancements. 

Intelligent Data Models: Systech crafted a detailed data model to organize order-related information, ensuring data integrity and accommodating various order states, manufacturing stages, and historical records. 

Cloud-Powered Integration with Azure: Systech leveraged Azure’s capabilities for a secure and scalable foundation. The integration seamlessly connected with various Microsoft services, fostering an ecosystem for innovation. 

Real-Time Event Capture with Azure Databricks: Systech implemented real-time data ingestion using Azure Databricks, enabling the client to capture order events dynamically and gain instant insights. This facilitated scalable and flexible event streaming. 

Orchestrating Data Flows with Azure Synapse Analytics: Breaking down data silos, Systech securely integrated with the client’s diverse manufacturing plant systems. Azure Synapse Analytics orchestrated data workflows, ensuring a smooth, efficient process. 


Systech’s solution not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by the client but also catalyzed a paradigm shift in their operations. With a robust data model and streamlined workflows, the client witnessed a significant reduction in order processing times. Real-time insights and enhanced visibility empowered them to make informed decisions swiftly. 

 Precision in Manufacturing: Improved accuracy across manufacturing stages meant a notable decrease in errors, ensuring that each product adhered to the highest quality standards. 

 Operational Efficiency Overhaul: The microservices architecture brought unparalleled flexibility, enabling the client to adapt swiftly to evolving business needs. This shift not only streamlined current operations but positioned the client for seamless scalability as they ventured into new initiatives. 

 Strategic Decision-Making: The data-driven approach empowered the client to derive actionable insights from historical records. This, in turn, facilitated strategic decision-making, allowing them to forecast demands, optimize resources, and proactively address potential bottlenecks. 

 The client witnessed a substantial boost in customer satisfaction, with timely deliveries, precise order tracking, and heightened product quality collectively forging a positive and gratifying customer experience. Beyond immediate requirements, Systech’s solution strategically positioned the client for future expansion. By laying the foundation for more comprehensive manufacturing insights, it not only met current needs but also propelled the client toward leadership in the industry. 

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