Case Study

Advancing Precision Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics for In-Depth Customer Trend Insights


With a clear imperative aimed at elevating customer satisfaction and achieving operational excellence, the client – a prominent importer and distributor of Asian food products – sought to streamline logistics for precision deliveries and harness Business Intelligence insights to delve deep into supply chain analytics and customer trends.  


In a strategic endeavour to drive our client towards operational excellence and strategic empowerment, Systech delivered a comprehensive package featuring real-time Business Intelligence insights. This transformative solution optimized logistics, streamlined inventory management, and enhanced supply chain processes, equipping our client with the tools for informed decision-making. 


A leading importer and distributor of Asian food products wanted to fortify their competitive edge. They wanted to implement a cutting-edge data warehouse platform, and enlisted the support of Systech for the same, as well as ongoing maintenance and enhancements. 


The client grappled with challenges in upholding an efficient supply chain, managing a diverse product portfolio, and proficiently handling data for strategic decision-making. The imperative for seamlessly integrated insights and analytics across real-time sales, supply chain operations, customer behaviour, inventory, finance, and procurement underscored the need for a robust data management and business intelligence solution. 


Establishing Data Infrastructure: Implemented a state-of-the-art enterprise data warehouse platform, utilizing Oracle databases for sourcing. Data integration processes, executed through Informatica, seamlessly loaded data into SQL Server-based Stage and DW tables. 

Business Intelligence Insights and Analytics: By leveraging the MicroStrategy BI platform, the system efficiently generated insights and dashboards. Daily data integration loads, managing around 150 GBs of sales data from Oracle to SQL Server, ensured real-time insights. 

Validation and Continuous Enhancement: Following daily data integration loads, Systech assumed a central role by implementing rigorous validation processes, offering ongoing support, and addressing enhancement tasks to align with client requirements in a business context.  

Data Mart Integration: The implemented data mart facilitated trend analysis encompassing customer status, inventory turnover, procurement, stock, finance, and sales. It enabled a comprehensive examination of daily sales, allowing for detailed comparisons, including assessments of backorder cancellations. 


The integrated solution significantly transformed the company’s operations. 

Operational Excellence: Refined logistics and product offerings ensured on-time delivery and a more diverse product range. 

Strategic Decision Empowerment: The BI platform delivered real-time insights, empowering management with data-driven capabilities for strategic decision-making. 

Enhanced Customer Understanding: The data mart provided intricate customer analysis, including payment tracking and deeper insights into purchasing patterns. 


The implementation of the data management and BI solution added substantial value to the client’s business: 

Competitive Edge: By efficiently managing logistics, diverse product portfolios, and leveraging data for strategic decision-making. 

Customer Satisfaction: Timely deliveries, an expanded product range, and a continually upgraded Business Intelligence (BI) ecosystem have not only significantly elevated customer satisfaction but also contributed to the establishment of enduring relationships. The commitment to long-term upgrade support ensures that our BI system remains at the forefront of innovation, providing sustained value to our customers over time. 

Market Dominance: Through adept management of logistics, diverse product portfolios, and strategic data utilization, the solution has achieved unparalleled competitiveness, solidifying its place as an undisputed leader in the market. 

Customer Loyalty: Precision in timely deliveries coupled with an extensive product range has not only heightened customer satisfaction but has fostered enduring relationships. These standards have become the cornerstone of customer-centric excellence. 

Integrated Scalability: The inherent scalability has become the linchpin for the clients expansive growth. Tailored to accommodate the evolving business landscape, it provides an agile and scalable infrastructure, ensuring that the business is well-positioned for continual growth and adaptability in the dynamic marketplace. 

The successful integration of technology, logistics, and data management added value to the client for sustained growth and competitiveness. By enabling data-driven decision-making positions, the client was not only able to enhance operational efficiency but also to make strategic, well-informed decisions that positively impacted their market position and overall business performance. 

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