[Los Angeles, CA, November 4, 2020] – Over the past year, we at Systech Solutions have worked tirelessly to keep our teams engaged and motivated. The “Data & Analytics Hackathon 2020” competition was an initiative designed to foster the talent and imagination of our teams, amidst this global pandemic.

The post-Covid19 reality is that entirely new industries and business models will emerge as a result. In short, our objective was to build analytics that could help guide these businesses into a new era of data & analytics environments.


The History of the Hackathon

The “Data & Analytics Hackathon 2020” was derived from one central idea: a stay-at-home, work online, prize-competition, with the intent to build analytics for the new world and the new norm. Cross promoted via all social media platforms; this Hackathon would be one of global consideration, with a broader community outreach via social media. From there, we could then be able to identify the most innovative & creative, analytically minded people to participate and ultimately model future recruitment from such an outreach.

The “Data & Analytics Hackathon 2020” competition was an opportunity to redirect pent-up, quarantine-induced energies that could instead, be used to create innovative and impactful solutions that could directly benefit our customers and prospects. With teams proficient in building data & analytics solutions for Healthcare, Pharma, Financial Services, Manufacturing, CPG & Retail, Media & Entertainment, it only seemed natural to design a competition that would spur innovation along several industry verticals.


Our Findings

The most recent Hackathon spanned from May to June 2020. 23 individuals and 11 teams participated in the month-long event. The three winning teams were awarded a $3500 cash prize. Teams were assessed based on the following criteria: business value, ideation, analytics, communication, collaboration and presentation. 

The winning offerings: A File Converter Utility, Sales Insights News Feed Application, and an MDM Solution.

The File Converter Utility application was built to prevent code creation redundancy across an organization. Unlike other file conversion programs available online, this application had the ability to build and process code for multiple projects at the same time. Thus, its user would be able to execute coding with less time and effort, than any other program requires. 

The Sales Insights News Feed Application provides a news feed of insights to its users to create more dashboard engagement and interest. A similar layout to Facebook, this application creates dashboards and insights that can be delivered in a more intuitive ways than ever before. The application also offers the ability for business users to access insights via their mobile device. Users could now have immediate access to their data and insights with the touch of a finger.

The MDM Solution on Health Care Domain (using Python Language) was created with medical professionals in mind. Specifically, this program was built to read medical prescriptions from images. With access to the patient’s master data, business users could now determine patient details and prescribed medicines with just a photograph. Unlike its competition, this application increased the utility and functionality of what current data matching systems have to offer.


Moving into the Future with Systech Solutions

In a time of great uncertainty, “Data & Analytics Hackathon 2020” has offered a creative and intellectual outlet for the development of data & analytics technology in a dramatically different global landscape. While many companies have been forced to cut back on development efforts, we believe that serving our customers’ needs should be prioritized. These needs include bringing new services and products to the market that facilitate connectivity and productivity in a remote workforce. 

At Systech, we will continue to champion our solution architects, data scientists, engineers, analysts, and experts to excel and explore instrumental and breakthrough solutions to our customers’ problems. This Hackathon significantly enhanced the experience of our employees and helped us stay true to what Systech is all about – bringing teams together to learn and connect. This has been one of many ways we have motivated our teams to employ customer-centric methodologies and to design optimal technology environments.

Challenges invite creative and innovative solutions. In the months ahead, we will continue to locate analytically minded thinkers to participate in our Hackathons, with the hope that our models will ultimately be perfected as solutions for the benefit of our customers and prospects. In the end, we will continue to learn from each other, share best practices and excel in this new landscape of virtual events.


About Systech Solutions, Inc.

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