Global expertise delivered to your doorstep.


Our core competencies include product management, design and software engineering. We combine these to form cross-functional product teams that ideate, design and ship products to market in an accelerated timeline. Our Global Services Delivery Model, enables flexible project management structures with mixed resources set up locally, on-site or from our off-shore teams in India. This model allows you to leverage specialized expertise from across our company. We work with you every step along the way, measuring and communicating progress, to maintain transparency, flexibility and timeliness for the duration of each project. By tracking and measuring every aspect of our work, we ensure that your projects launch on time, on budget and generate a return on investment for our clients. We help you meet deadlines others would call impossible.

Guaranteed Value.


We start with a get-things-done attitude. We employ customer-centric methodologies to capture functional requirements, design the optimal technology environments, build rapid proof-of-concepts and deploy your projects so you can be sure knowing getting the maximum value of your investment. The philosophy of lean operations permeates all parts of our business and guarantees you a competitive price point for delivering change.  Our global footprint ensures you benefit from a near-shoring strategy that combines on-premise agility with remote cost savings.

Global Service Delivery Model

What do we offer?


  • Experience delivering a wide range of BI services
  • Consulting rather than an operation mindset; all our technical talent can understand your business
  • Proven framework to provide uninterrupted service-on demand resource pool and transition methodology
  • Transparent development
  • Regular task reporting
  • Flexibility to synchronize with client business hours
  • Protection of intellectual property rights and business relationships and non-disclosure agreement

What do you gain?


  • Quality & Value-addition at reduced cost
  • Focus on your core business needs & project goals
  • High quality services & reliable delivery through our skilled consultants
  • Continuous improvement in communication
  • process & control
  • High visibility into project at all phases
  • Privacy & confidentiality

Ready to harness power of your data?

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