Centers of Excellence (CoE)

Our Commitment to Quality

At Systech, we know that the services we deliver to our customers depend on the excellence and motivation of our teams. We invest in the development of our people, from the moment they are hired, and at every step of their career.

Systech maintains a dedicated Technology Practice and a Competency Center for different technology landscapes, by leveraging its partnerships to accelerate growth. This enables us to successfully implement solutions in complex BI environments encompassing the areas of Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, Big Data and the Digital Enterprise.

Infrastructure & Lab

Our Infrastructure Innovation Lab explores the latest tools and technologies on market, testing their capabilities, to design and deliver new solutions for our clients.


To create best practices, performance fine tuning, and trouble shooting documents within our knowledge base repositories for each of our technology partners. To assist project management and planning, effort estimation with resource planning, business analysis and team management.

Project Teams & Support

To provide a point of contact with Business / Technical support teams respective to each of our technology practices. Provide technical assistance and mentoring to Systech team members for various projects

 Training & Resource Development

We take pride in evaluating our training curriculum and materials. We also track team skill sets and provide team training updates for newer versions & releases of BI technologies. 

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