Modernizing the analytics architecture for a leading insurance company with large-scale Cloud Migration Services


Scalability and automation key to improvement

The independent agency’s analytics architecture was struggling to cost effectively and efficiently meet their volatile data storage needs. Specifically, it could not store massively different types, quantities and volumes of data from different data sources to allow them to deliver analytics on demand. While the demand for the agency’s services had grown, their system had not. Unlike their competition, they were not maximizing what their data had to offer. Thus, they needed to set themselves on a path to modernize their analytics and Data Warehouse environment if they intended to meet the needs of their customers, to stay on par or ahead of competition.

About the Customer

An independent agency writer of automobile and home insurance procured Systech’s services to modernize their data infrastructure. They are ranked the fourth largest private passenger automobile insurer in California and write approx. $3.5 in net premiums on an annual basis.


Cloud-Based analytics platform vital for success

Amazon Web Services cloud platform was selected to meet their objectives. This cloud-based analytics platform created the foundation that could then migrate their on-premise Netezza Data Warehouse, Netezza Storage Migration, and MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics platform to Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3. Systech proved the solution with a POC and thereafter implemented the solution. It proved with certainty that the Amazon Web Services solutions could help them meet their goals. Additionally, the Amazon Web Services solution enabled the agency to retain their existing Informatica, SAS and Tableau platforms. This ensured that they could execute their data warehouse migration without disrupting operational workflows, or negatively impacting the satisfaction of their customers.

Building an environment and migrating their analytics architecture and applications entailed:

7 TB of data (compressed)

2k+ data processes

17k+ user queries


Modern cloud-based analytics architecture responsible for productivity

 Through the adoption of Amazon’s cloud platform, they successfully implemented a scalable, cost efficient solution that was able to also perform discovery, respond to users, and rapidly implement and deploy new capabilities. Additionally, business users could now perform analytics of any kind. This includes advanced visualizations and Statistical/Machine Learning Models (ML). Internal and external data could now be brought in through the batch or real-time mode as needed, and merged with the existing Data Warehouse. The AWS based solution offered self-service that greatly reduced the involvement of their IT department, while still enabling their IT to control, govern, and catalog all incoming data for ad-hoc data discovery autonomously. Thus, business users could search and consume information that had already been reviewed. Systech was instrumental in the migration and warehouse changes made to the auto and home insurance company’s data infrastructure. The methodology allowed the business to continue to function, uninterrupted, and move to the new platform in record time, seamlessly. This dramatically improved the capabilities of their existing processes and set them up for expansion and modernization into the future.

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