Unifying Operations for a High-Growth Automotive Manufacturer, as a launch platform for Scale & Growth


New Business Growth Brings Operational Challenges

By the end of 2013, when Tesla Motors first approached Systech, they had already rolled off the line, their first vehicle, the Model S, in the previous year and had successfully gotten over 50,000 vehicles on the roads. They were also gearing up for the production of their second line, the Dual Motor Model S, to be unveiled by mid-2014, and had a new class of vehicles – the Model X – on the horizon. Global demand was on the rise, and they had their sights set on pushing out new product lines at increasingly faster rates. But as their business grew, so did the volume and complexity of their data, and operations. Managing and effectively utilizing this data was growing into a sticky problem as they were outgrowing the technology infrastructure and supporting processes in place, which were best suited for their smaller company size. The unprecedented growth within all business functions – from sales & marketing, to manufacturing & production, to customer service demands – presented constraints on their ability to deliver on aggressive timelines, maintain a high standard of quality, synchronize large-scale activities amongst teams, and the organization’s overall operational agility. If Tesla’s pace of growth were to continue, they knew they had to re-evaluate and re-design their data management organizational structures in a manner that would scale effectively and powerfully.

About the Customer

Tesla Motors, Inc. designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. Since it was founded in 2003, Tesla has delivered over 107,000 Model S vehicles across the world, offering leases for its vehicles in North America, Europe, and Asia. It also provides services for electric vehicles, owning over 120 service locations. Tesla’s manufacturing plant is based in Fremont, CA.

Specifically, Tesla Motors sought the development of a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) framework with the following key objectives:

  • 360 Business View: Consolidate individual business functions, work streams, and operations into an integrated environment
  • Agile, yet Powerful Technology Stack: Identify & Implement the appropriate technologies and tools that can be flexibly applied to evolving organizational demands and unforeseen potential use cases
  • Unified Operations & Standardized Analytics: Standardize enterprise-wide business KPI’s and metrics to facilitate coordination and collaboration between teams, departmental activities and performance analytics
  • Strategic Growth: Proactively drive business goals across organization & individual departments with universal metrics correlating to bottom line results

Enterprise-Wide Consolidation & Collaboration

Systech took on the challenge, responding quickly and comprehensively. With Tesla’s objectives laid out, it became clear that addressing their infrastructural data issues would be the foundation for large-scale transformation. However, with aggressive timelines looming, and the lack of existing IT staff with the expertise to get the job done quick, and done right, Tesla partnered with Systech, to realize this vision.

With over 20 years of experience designing & implementing robust data management frameworks for companies of all sizes, Systech helped Tesla develop a solution and craft the implementation roadmap that would achieve their goals. To ensure efficiency and the success of the solution deployment, Systech utilized an Incremental, Iterative Approach to roll out the solution. The solution scope entailed:

  • Implementation of a centralized Data Management infrastructure & Business Intelligence layer that created an integrated 3600 view of business operations
  • Leveraged technology stack & data stores for Data Exploration & Mining – for a deeper understanding of business performance & key drivers of bottom line impact
  • Developed & implemented Prescriptive Analytics models that proactively drive growth strategies and measure results along the way
  • Automated data cleansing, processing, and distribution of data to the relevant teams in near real-time to accelerate analytics lifecycle and improve organizational responsiveness
  • Unified, Tracked and Analyzed individual departmental activities against core operational performance measures to continuously monitor bottom-line impact
  • Increased visibility and transparency across the organization with automated dashboard creation & delivery to key stakeholders
  • Seamlessly drove adoption of solution deployment across the enterprise, without impeding on-going business operations

Building an environment and migrating their analytics architecture and applications:

Unify 6 Business Units,

Move from No analytics to Prescriptive analytics

In less than 6 months


A Synchronized Business Flywheel & Accelerated Analytics Lifecycle

A Powerful Technical Engine:

Systech achieved the performance advantages Tesla had been hoping to gain. The EDW that Systech deployed was designed to handle a flexible amount of uncertainty in data volume, size and usage requirements. Additionally, Systech ensured that the data warehouse would maintain performance power and speed while handling even Tesla’s most demanding production schedules.

Accelerated Analytics Lifecycle:

With automated data processing of the individual departmental data sources according to standardized and universally agreed upon business logic, analysts could immediately begin their data mining without having to spend weeks extensively prepping the data for analysis. This reduced the latency of insight propagation from weeks to a daily delivery. For more details on project specifics & dashboard samples, access our digital case study on our website, www.systechusa.com. Some examples of dashboards created and delivered daily to C-level executives are:

Production Planning
Opportunity Analysis
Competitor & Market Share Analysis

Service Center Operations
Sales & Master Planning
Service Management
Factory Gate Quality

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